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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review


Burn The Fat

Tom Venuto’s system Burn The Fat  feed the muscle has been getting lots of positive reviews and quite a few converts lately. It is a no hype, no fluff system to help you get into shape and will, according to Tom, transform your body forever in 49 days. Pretty bold claim but from all I have seen and heard he makes good on his claim. He and his system was even featured in Oprah’s O magazine . So lets check it out.

3 Body Types

In the Burn The Fat course Tom bases his system on one that was first discovered over 80 years ago. He found this process while doing research in college. What he found was that there are 3 distinct body types. Each one has different requirements to work at optimum performance. And that the type and quantity of foods you eat should be in line with your body type. So to be in the best shape we can be, we first need to find our ideal body type. Tom’s system addresses this right in the beginning and he does it in a clear and understanding manner.

What The System Is Not

The Burn The Fat feed the muscle system also scores big points for what its not, which is an extreme I can’t do this method that requires you to use worthless suppliments, 8 hour gym workouts, or any type of surgery to accomplish your weight loss. Remember above when we said there are 3 body types? What this system does is lets you work with your body type so that it reaches the desired results in a more natural way. This will prevent the roller coaster up/down weight problems so many people experience when trying to get their weight down.  It also makes it easier to stay on track and to accomplish our goals. Tom doesn’t just use “theory” in his system as he also uses the system himself.

The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Plan

The system is  well thought out and is designed for Mr and Mrs. average (over weight) person to reach their goals safely and quickly. Young, old, and every age in between. You set your own goals. You start with where you are today, find your body type and begin to work with your body. People who have used the system which has been a best seller since 2002, report an increase in their energy level, an easy to follow system that they found to be fun, and that won’t stop working for you. It teaches you how to eat to feed the muscle instead of storing the fat. And remember Tom claims that you will transform your body in 49 days! Best of all you will enjoy being on the plan and it is really inexpensive and comes with free lifetime updates. And an 8 week no questions asked moneyback guarantee.  Tom also throws in some pretty good bonus materials that can help you to succeed.  To get all the details and start on your 49 day plan with Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle click here now.


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