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Feb 272011

As more and more persons are experiencing drastic change in their health with Bemer 3000, the demand for it is growing at a speedy rate. The latest research carried out in Germany have additional proved the constructive and unimaginable effect of Bemer 3000 therapy. In South Africa, greater than 97 per cent of Bemer 3000 owners are glad with the outcomes provided by this herapy. Bemer 3000 has showed remarkable and unbelievable consequence with respect to the remedy of horses. The horses that had been thought of as irrecoverable and useless by veterinarians because of which their homeowners needed to spent enormous amount of money on them, had recovered and develop into healthy in just few weeks by Bemer 3000 therapy. This was the placebo impact- horses cannot be fooled. The fantastic results shown by Bemer 3000 therapy are onerous to imagine but the evidence are convincing enough. There are a lot of folks typically asking their doctors or physiotherapists that will the Bemer 3000 therapy be helpful in the health condition XYZ. The reply to those questions is always yes. The Bemer 3000 is simply too great to be true. As a matter of truth, the Bemer 3000 remedy doesn’t treat any ailment XYZ but it surely enhances your physique’s parameters in such a method that you can expertise a fantastic and improved sense of wellness. The parameters, mentioned above, are very important for proper functioning of the physique and their primary perform consists of provide of nutrients and oxygen to the entire body and sustaining an appropriate body temperature. The cells of our physique want adequate provide of oxygen and nutrients for correct functioning. The blood supplies oxygen to our body. Even the smallest vessels generally known as capillaries should get proper quantity of oxygen. However, with the advancement in science and know-how that introduced us to tv, laptop system, microwave oven and so forth, we are facing many health problems. These units release harmful and unhealthy electromagnetic fields that affect our body adversely. Given under are some of the positive effects of Bemer 3000 therapy on our physique: ·          It improves macro circulation of our physique by dilating the blood vessels. · It improves micro circulation of blood which implies it open the blood capillaries and improves the blood flow. ·   It improves the oxygen stress in our body. ·            It improves the flexibility of the blood to move the oxygen to every purple blood cell. ·          It additionally improves cell metabolism. ·    It strengthens the immune system of our body. If the above six circumstances of our body will get improved then our cells of the body would be able to fight many of the battles own their own. Again, it needs to be understood that Bemer 3000 remedy doesn’t heals or treats the illness but its pulsed electromagnetic subject straight improves the cells of our physique which in flip deal with all of the health problems and provide more power and power to our body. The great thing about the Bemer 3000 therapy is that there are no recognized unwanted side effects until now. Bemer 3000 is very simple and secure to use. But it is always higher to consult a doctor earlier than utilizing Bemer 3000.

My Uncle Tom, His Diabetes and the Free Glucose Meter

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Feb 272011

Since I’d been a youngster, I remember uncle Tom as a man who loved to eat. No wonder that I can always recall him being a fat man.

Matilda, my auntie and his wife, often did her best to make him stop his bad eating routine, but I must say, she wasn’t very successful. At home Matilda did her maximum to prepare healthy meals which are low in fat.  Matilda always refrained from cooking desserts, unless they had visitors for dinner.

Alas, uncle Tom has a sweet tooth and in his opinion dinner without dessert just isn’t a complete one. Because of this, Tom took a habit of travelling to the supermarket to purchase sweets, or any “missing” items that his wife would not usually buy. Aunt Matilda would always say that when her husband opened a packet of biscuits, it was not the first time he used to eat the whole packet. Matilda does her best to manage her husband’s eating while in their house, though she’s not at all times successful. However she is not with him in the office and who knows which kind of foods and sweets my uncle eats during work hours.

Several doctors recommended he ought to shed weight because he was risking severe health complications, nonetheless all fell on deaf ears. When people give him the advise to shed a few pounds, it’s customary for my uncle to express to them to mind their personal business. My cousins (uncle Tom’s and aunt Matilda’s children) are also keen on sweets and sodas. What on earth do you expect?

However after a blood test a couple of weeks ago, it ended up that Tom has diabetes type 2. Initially uncle Tom could not believe the doctor but he got astonished and amazed when he realized that it was not a joke. His doctor was of the opinion that it was required to aquire a glucose meter. He told my uncle that a glucose meter may possibly also be obtained totally free by registering with certain websites. The doctor told him that just watching what food he eats might not be enough.

The words of the doctor had a horrendous effect on my uncle. My uncle has considerably cut down his consumption of sweets, biscuits, soft drinks etc., but he has been very sad as of late. One of the things my uncle still requires is the glucose test kit.

So I have registered for a free glucose meter. This would not make my uncle more happy however, there is not a lot more that I can do for him. I question simply how much would it require them to mail the free glucometer.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis

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Feb 262011

Living with rheumatoid arthritis can be a tough experience and can be incredibly difficult. This would mean making changes to their lifestyle in terms of education, exercise, diet changes, and assistive devices to help them stay active. If you live with rheumatoid arthritis it is also very important that you determine what this illness is all about.


Rheumatoid arthritis is a form of arthritis characterised by chronic inflammation of the joints. It is a disease that causes pain, swelling, stiffness and loss function in your joints. Rheumatoid arthritis can last for years and patients may experience long periods without symptoms. This is typically a progressive illness that has the potential to cause joint destruction and functional disability.


Research says, and most doctors agree that the cause of rheumatoid arthritis remains unknown. However, it is believed that rheumatoid arthritis maybe developed inherently or because of environmental factors.


Usually, people who will most likely have arthritis symptoms include:


  • ceaseless joint pain


  • Inflammation as indicated by swelling, stiffness and redness.


  • Pain or tenderness in a joint that is triggered by action or practice


  • Joint deformity 


  • Loss of range of motion or flexibility in a joint


  • Unexplained weight loss 


  • Severe exhaustion, lack of energy, weakness, or a feeling of depression 



Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disorder for which there is no known cures but has treatment options. Treatment options aims to control the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and minimize joint damage. It intends to achieve the lowest arthritis disease control activities and reduce pain. It helps patients maintain choice of life and ability to function. Treatment options may include medications, non-drug therapies and sometimes may imply surgical options.


Thus, to live with rheumatoid arthritis it is very important to take care of a fit diet, right and approved exercise and adequate sleep.

How To Do Exercise With A Gaming System

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Feb 252011

There are a lot of health issues that are being faced by all of the people in the world.  One of the key concerns that people have is the growing bulge around their midsection.  A proper diet and regular physical activity is the best way for a person to keep their body in the proper shape. But, your problem is that not everyone can afford the time or expense that going to a gym and getting a personal trainer requires.  For some people this is no longer something that they have to worry about.  With gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii or the kinect a person can get a video game that will not only help them create an exercise program that will help them achieve the body they want but will also have a program that will teach a person the things they need to do to get fit and trim and stay that way.
There is a distinct line between what a person is going to do and what they finally end up doing.  Many of us are embarrassed by the way we look and afraid to go to a fitness club.  They still want to exercise.  For those people, the ideal of working out in the comfort of their own home using a video game is very appealing. The new consoles are making it fun to workout.  It is especially great for a family get together for good health and better quality of life.  Routines can be individualized depending on the level that a person is at.  It is very interactive and can be used as a learning tool as well.  When you are playing the fitness games, they help you set goals and let you know how you are progressing towards those goals and what you should do to reach them.
There are a few things a person should do to get the most out of their gaming console.  Some of the games are alike in many ways.  They are designed to keep track of the progress a person is making.  You are asked where you want to be in the future and let you know how you are progressing towards that.  They also can lead a person through exercise programs that they person chooses.  All of this while keeping a positive attitude.  It can make a workout fun for individuals of all ages.
The video games are designed so that each player fits the exercise routine provided on a more personal level.  Since the consoles are really computers they have the ability to remember a large amount of information.  As long as the electronics hold out, the information is stored away until the user deletes it.  A person has access to their exercise records at the click of a few buttons.
Getting one of these exercise games is still getting a game and that is meant to be fun for the user to do.  Playing these games can be a challenge against yourself or against others.  When a person is challenged they are going to enjoy the game even more.
The new motion controlled consoles give people the ability to exercise while they are having fun and could be the perfect choice for someone who does not exercise already.  Do not be scared off by the xbox 360 kinect because it is not as much as it may seem when compared to the medical costs faced by people who are dealing with obesity or by the cost of a gym membership that is due every month. It is possible to get everything your family needs in the comfort of your own home.


Feb 222011

With the number of food programs on TV telling us how we should be eating to stay healthy and to slim down, or the late night infomercials that show us the way how to lose weight fast– we have become a group of people who are obsessed with the way our body looks and how many pounds the scale says that we weigh.

A person’s BMI gives a person their recommended weight taking into account their height.  It is used to tell a person what their healthy weight is.  In addition to their Body Mass Indicator it is also important to take some measurements around their body.   Extra fat around the waist and within the abdomen is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  This is something that can not be figured out by just watching your weight.  People who are well toned might not have a much different BMI than a person who has more fat.

Fat around the waist is not healthy.  It can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer.  It is the pace where fat loves to remain.  As we reach our 40s, our bodies start to hang onto fat.

As we are growing up the idea hitting middle aged seems like a far away dream.  Middle age spread can begin in your 30s.  There is no time like the present to think about what a person should do to help prevent this from occurring.

It is very important to follow a nutritious diet.  The foods that are taken in go a long way in determining the shape a body is. Consuming fewer calories can be one way for a person to discover lose weight fast -, but it may not teach you much about eating for a healthy life and any weight that is lost is often times returned to a person with extra weight included if they do not stop eating foods that are not healthy for them and replace them with foods that are lower in fat and calories on a regular basis.

A person should follow a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Many experts suggest that a person should try to eat more food raw.  It is easier for someone to fill up with less when this type of diet is followed.  This limits the caloric intake of an individual.  Controlling your daily caloric intake is essential to controlling the shape of your body.  Staying hydrated is another aspect of a diet regimen that needs to be followed.  This will also help a person to keep their hunger at bay.

Phyiscal activity is something else to be considered.  The body needs to get regular physical activity.  Not everybody can workout several hours a day and that is okay.  The key thing is for a person to find a way to move around every day.  A good exercise regimen is recommended.  If that is not possible there are many things a person can do to get physical activity.  It can be as simple as a walk around the block after dinner.

Lastly a person should relax.  There is a connection to how much a person worries and what the shape of their midsection is.  Do not forget about taking a rest.  You can rest you mind and body in any way that you want.  Your body will benefit from the reduction of your stress no matter how you do it.  Most of us want to do that.This is how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet pills

Top a nutritious existence inspite of diabetic issues is all about creating healthy super food possibilities

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Feb 212011

Being recognized with diabetes can actually prove melancholic and scaring. Type two diabetes is just enjoy an epidemic engulfing countless numbers of individuals in its clutches. As the ailment is incurable, the only way to escape its ill results is by after a healthy and well balanced diet plan. A healthful diet plan goes long way to curb the dreadful sickness. Person suffering from diabetes diets should aim at managing the bloodstream glucose amounts. Type II diabetes is generally the end result of obesity. Therefore diabetics with kind II should have to assure that their diet plan aids them shed off the additional pounds as well. There are several success stories of diabetics leading a healthy life with the assist of suitable diet programs.

To commence with, the person struggling from diabetes desires sturdy dedication to battle again the disease. Alongside with healthy diet programs you additionally need physical exercise and suitable medical assistance to guide a regular lifestyle. Being capable to understand your body necessities could help you prepare your foods accordingly. Remember just about every person is distinct and so are his/her system wants. Always adhere to a diet regime that is suitable for you. A diabetic diet regime is often planned relying upon the calories you want take in, other healthcare historical past, gender and age.

A diabetic man or woman must take 5 – 6 meals a day such as snacks. A little meal at brief intervals is the appropriate way for diabetics. It is true which carbs get converted into sugar and thus one want consider less of it. Quite a few diabetics wrongly do away with carbohydrates and fat completely from their diet plan. These two points are necessary for the development of body and thus ought to be taken in little amounts. Once which includes carbs ensure you use complicated carbs as they get transformed into starch. Carbohydrates improve generate vitality and are therefore necessary.

A person suffering from diabetes diet regime could include fresh many fruits and veggies in their day-to-day foods. Starchy greens also improve you get complex carbohydrates and therefore be integrated in your meals. The servings of many fruits and greens will differ for every single individual. Nonetheless, minimal 3 servings of vegetables and 2 of many fruits is a must. Fruits are also rich in dietary fiber and therefore healthful. For more resources of complex carbohydrates involve legumes, lentils, complete grains, milk, brown rice and bread in your diet regime. Prevent saturated and trans fats as they do no good to our system. Crap and greasy super food is also a complete no for diabetics.

Dairy and poultry are equally healthful and prove useful in a person suffering from diabetes meal. Bass and eggs are elevated on proteins and omega acids that is healthful for our body. Modest items of chicken or turkey bust are also good as it aids encounter proteins intake. Sour lotion, yoghurt, skimmed whole milk, nuts, herbal tea or coffee, sugar cost-free berry jam, brownish bread, wheat pasta, half baked potato, and brown rice are some of much more healthy and balanced super food selections that can be incorporated in a person suffering from diabetes meal.

Crafting proper decision among various super food teams is vital as your health absolutely depends on it. Being a diabetic does not indicate you be physically inactive and be concerned concerning glucose ranges all the time. Leading a normal lifestyle regardless of suffering from adult onset diabetes is absolutely possible with the help of appropriate diabetic diet regime.

Diet Capsules: A Remedy That Is Not Really Worth It

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Feb 172011

The best body; this really is what a vast majority of people want. Lean muscles, tight abdominal muscles and with very low body fat. But with most of the careers being pursued by nearly all young and middle age professionals nowadays, a great workout can’t seem to match in their schedules. Exactly the same could be said for working class people as well, their time is invested more on earning a living rather than working on that sexy body. That is why in the early 90’s, the fad about diet tablets has become a craze and also have tried to resolve the age long problem of instant and instantaneous weight reduction. However it would be disingenuous to even think for one second that these diet tablets do any long term good effects for those who took it. The basic rule nevertheless applies; anything that is unnatural, can and will have side effects inside your body some way . It may not be totally obvious at the outset, but these negative effects will at some point manifest nonetheless. So are diet pills a solution for those that are seeking to slim down the quick and simple way? Well, they wouldn’t be that popular back in those times if there wasn’t some type of noticeable outcome for people who have used it and a few of them are really sincere once they even had their testimonies documented for other people to see in national Television or in the internet. But this so-called “solution” is just a short term one due to the fact that diet tablets are drugs that damage your metabolic process and individuals who’ve take it, observed that their metabolic process grew to become slower after just a few months of losing some bodyweight, only to get it back again even with a regular diet. Customers also noted signs and symptoms of depression associated with urges that prove that quite a few of these diet drugs are habit building. Want a quick and organic answer to weight reduction? Take it from me, there is definitely no such thing as one miraculous pill that you simply will ingest and you will have an remarkable physique. It takes time and energy to work out a plan for your diet. One successful diet for rapid weight loss without a lot of struggling is going on a soup diet and a lot of well being and weight reduction aficionados are singing its praises. Cabbage soup diet in particular, if implemented correctly with the right workout, have been proven to provide a safe, natural and fast weight reduction effect that diet supplements can also offer but without the harmful side effects. However, you also have to seek advice from a fitness professional whenever you plan to go on a diet plan making use of the cabbage soup approach simply because you may have to add particular supplement to your diet like protein to prevent muscle damage. Indeed, diet drugs can provide some what a “short term” weight reduction answer, but certainly not worth it simply because of the side effects it has along with it. – soupdiet40c60y4d

Learning the Different Types of Diabetes

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Feb 132011

Diabetes mellitus  or just termed as diabetic issues offers 3 unique forms. They are type one diabetic issues, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.
Kind one Diabetes
Also called, juvenile diabetes is definitely an insulin-dependent condition that outcomes from the destruction of beta cells in pancreas which creates the blood insulin. The primary supply of energy for those cells is glucose which in turn requirements insulin essential for sugar to get into cells employed for generating the energy. The succeeding lack of blood insulin may result in greater bloodstream as well as pee sugar. Hence, traditional symptoms of regular urination or even polyuria, increased thirstiness (polydipsia), elevated food cravings (polyphagia) and weight loss may often experienced of the individual with this type of diabetic issues.
The cause of this sort 1 diabetic issues is mostly due to environmental factors as well as genetic endowment. Which means that the actual prevalence of the illness originates from many different genes which contribute to it’s phrase.
Type 2 Diabetes
This kind of diabetes is a long term illness seen as a higher levels of glucose in the blood. It is mostly common and usually occurs about the grownup stage. When you have type 2 diabetes, your body specifically fatty acids, liver and muscle mass tissue do not respond properly in order to blood insulin. Exactly what actually occurs can there be is insulin resistance in which insulin diminishes effective within lowering bloodstream sugars. As a result, there is no energy saved since blood sugar does not get in to tissue resulting in unusually higher amounts of sugar build-up within the blood. This particular problem is often termed as hyperglycemia. This at often activates the pancreas to create lots of insulin however is not adequate to supply the actual demand of the body. For most instances, fat inhibits the ability from the entire body to utilize insulin that is why overweight people are prone to have the tendency to insulin opposition. Nevertheless, thin types aren’t an exception especially the older types because they are able to also develop  type 2 diabetes.
Reduced exercise degree, bad dietary management and also over pounds tend to be possible grounds for building type 2 diabetes. Additionally, if your loved ones has already established history of this illness you will likely inherit exactly the same.
Gestational Diabetes
GDM is really a condition by which women who do not display indicators associated with diabetic issues prior to pregnancy demonstrates high levels of blood glucose during gestation time period. It’s sometimes closely associated with type 2 diabetes as it is also blood insulin resistance. Based on studies, regarding 3-10% from the population is affecting women that are pregnant to possess gestational diabetes. The actual endocrine created throughout the maternal time period may most likely a adding factor to increase a woman’s blood insulin resistance bringing on impaired sugar tolerance.
Moms who’ve  gestational diabetes tend to be highly at risk of developing type 2 diabetes even after giving birth. Babies on the other hand may develop childhood obesity, reduced blood sugar levels as well as jaundice. Later as the child grows, they might acquire type 2 diabetes in the event that blood sugar isn’t sufficiently controlled. Dietary modification, exercise, insulin treatment as well as self-care are extremely important to reduce the chance of obtaining a more severe sickness.  Simply visit this website that you should gain a lot of useful information.

Feb 122011

In the first part we have seen about the requirements of our body, importance of Spinacia oleracea and spear liner. In the endorse part we will check other products that are very much helpful for our body and when mixed with each other what resultant they will act on your body.

Thomas, this another retentiveness buzz this is also not the bad one, it is pretty pretty white, chip to hinny which is pretty much cause source can overall not be eminentest, lemon juice, sea salts, vinegar and garlic, so all this is a better kind of package that Thomas has been seen, usually made from scratch. But this one here, 4, 2 tablespoons 2 grams of protein and I used over 2 tablespoons of this stuff, for instances, veggies dipped it in and over here very very resource of, I just lost my plain pipe, this is resource of calcium, big. So, that’s to use in general. So Thomas, whose we call in a rancor.

  Black beans, plates are not packed well, black beans are simply awesome . I will have some of the black beans here and will love to stick to the taste of it . Black beans consists of high amount of iron, protein as well as carbohydrate . Very awesome stuffs, especially for vegetarians I will recommend black beans any day, such a resource of protein and other helping stuffs which is a healthy eating advice. I will keep this stuff opened only . at last, hemp seeds or hemp purse they call in, this is the container they come in . Ya, ok, per 2 tablespoons again, same helping? sizes of spear linear, 11 grams of proteins . Powerful stuffs, very very high source of omega 3 as well, which is really very very good .

You know, in this character is well, such good stuff. In this whole are whole fruits that don’t have minus side effects of meat and dairy and all that garbage from the animal kingdom. These are all great plant based food sources of great proteins and other astonishing nutrients. So, what I want to say is that you can totally get the protein from your vegans or raw food diet. In case if you are having good enough of diet which you have stuff in. Generally, this kind of rule of farm, it’s like, I depend only on the piss or the trends that is training football or body builder or in general 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body angle is pretty much all you need. So, I am 75 kilos 75 grams of protein.

So basically, I will like to work out to all this stuff to desegregate one day, so, I have 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds which I get, I probably use of 4 tablespoons of hemp seeds when I will do the smoothy so I have treble of that 22 grams plus I will add another 2 tablespoons of this and that will add 8 grams which becomes 30 grams just in a smoothie alone, ok. Just between these 2 adds to 30 grams of protein, that’s half of my daily intake in one smoothie. Not to forget all there is some stuff. banana tree, which Apparently has very very small-scale nut, which every fruit has proteins, fibers, carbohydrates at different percentages, small nut protein is in there. And that all thing throughout the day that brings some or the other things that brings in protein. So, I don’t understand like nuts and seeds, I eat fish occasionally, I eat meat, initially, I eat eggs you know, I am mad about hot raw foods as well is prepared with raw foods and more macrocosm with vegan is very very good for health and that is much I can do.

But again this goes really when, you know, mad for profession love nutritionist, love people who are backed by the dairy industries and farms, meat farmers and all like kind of garbage, that’s what we talk to belief. So, it’s unfortunate and I don’t want to offend anyone. The best way is to get this that you can totally go for protein and sustenance from plant based foods, alright.

That’s for the diet food today and I hope that I have answered your question and thanks again for spirit your custody for raw foods, wow foods from raw foods. And if you want information on this subject, I have already recommended checking in my e-book from my, you can download the e-book. Very very good source of all these stuffs, you can get recipes, all the information you need and you can get the best of all. So, hopefully you have enjoyed this video grab this stuffs and seem it’s really with black beans, Thomas and enjoy, I want to eat some more black beans because I am the black bean buck. I will see you in the next successiveness.

Feb 112011

In part 1, we have seen that losing self rate and confidence is so simple rather than gaining it . In the second part we will see regarding gaining self esteem and confidence.

A changer’ id=’spin_1′ onclick=’ShowSpinOptions(1)’>friend of mine, again same thing, he doesn’t have a great self esteem and its show in his life.  If someone is having no self esteem in life, he will always hesitate to take proper decisions or will ask many questions or even he will search for some reasons, will always be negative, will analyze all the things in depth and will not have a will to take any small risk  . There will be few things that how you did anything and how did you performed everything  . Because if you are reluctant to take risk, even if it isn’t score, I want to take bigger risk and you are really a champ and you want to change and to do something you love take him and leep, there is a risk and if change loves you risk and it will be a big risk pending over your life and life is a responsibilities you have. But it also Trans into things like, imparting on a new use of goods and services program. If football is an exercise program and if snooping, you know, for exercise, new Fitter u fitness or football fitter u or iPod fitter u program as specifically the courses have its way.

But what happens is that when you are on left side, you don’t know about, you have never experienced it, you know what deeds is and what you have to reach, so you check for the testimonials or success stories of the people who are like you to achieve some results so that you can relate to them, you are looking around the handling forum, some people who have some experience, you are looking for reassurance and reassurance and reassurance, and this is just an event but I want to give you for all of your life. So life willing to take risk, because we don’t believe deep down its not the program that doesn’t work, it’s that we don’t work . And it is that ultimate feeling that, we are the one, we are not good enough to achieve that result and Get lean.

Around 98% of any type of program, whether fitness related will get their goals that they have mentioned for you to achieve it and the thing that is not working is you  , right? is you interior, up here. You need to think deep inside, you need to pull your self esteem, and you need to do the things that will take you out of soothe zone, experience new things in life, and take little risks and not the huge ones, little one that will take you out of comfort zone, building up your rapid experiences and use those as reference points, hey do you I did this, yes. This is going to build your self esteem, this is going to build your confidence, and this is going to help you move towards your goals.

So that’s it on the mindset side things and once again July 27th just around the corner, stay tuned for that, it’s a huge day, till then I will see you tomorrow’s video.