Diet & Health

Sep 152011

What may have been seen as passing trend, but looks to have staying power, organic foods are well-rated and promoted as an aid to lifelong health and happiness. And, it’s not just for celebrities! Many healthcare practitioners advocate an organic diet. My husband, an oral surgeon, endorsed an organic diet to his patients in his dental marketing plan, by explaining the unlimited number of benefits, not just to one’s own health, but to the health of the overall environment. Farmers in the organic market, farm their crops by avoiding pesticides and chemicals that can damage the soil. Even if you are not an environmentalist, bringing some organic food to your diet is a small way to help conserve our environment.

In addition to helping the environment, buying and eating organic food assists the smaller farmers and food companies who would like to farm and distribute organic products by find it to be a risky venture. In fact, my husband saw a patient for a dental consulting appointment who is an organic farmer. This farmer loves what he does because he feels he is doing his part to help the environment and improve the quality of our food supply, but it is a challenging business to do well financially in despite the increasing demand. By choosing to buy organic fruits and vegetables, you are helping a portion of the struggling rural economy, and that help trickles upwards to benefit everyone in some small way.

Now for the health rewards: because they lack preservatives, additives, excessive sodium and processed sugars, organic foods offer an all-natural element that improves your health by cleansing and detoxifying chemicals and free radicals from your body.   Not only is the quality and health benefits of eating organic favorable to your health, many people will tell you that organic tastes much better. If you were to do a side-by-side comparison taste test between an organic apple and a regular apple, which one do you think would taste better? Once you start on an organic diet, you will find that it is best to stay on it. You will notice how differently your body and temperament responds to the all-natural foods in your diet, and just how good you feel.

Remember, that one of our goals in life are to be healthy, happy and productive individuals. With the popularity of organic food starting to soar, we are just beginning to realize the advantages of eating healthy that doctors and dentists have been encouraging for years to patients during office visits and in their dental advertising campaigns. 

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