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Feb 102011

Acai products are every where now. They are hogging more bandwidth than Wikipedia and flashing more pop ups than online IQ sites. So what of all this madness? Is Acai the next fat burning tool in your arsenal or is it just another over-hyped mass marketed dud?

This article will check out the benefits and the not so beneficial side of Acai berry, and whether it is worth your money, time and effort.

Writing from experience, as most people probably could, I can say it sucks to be ripped off… Big time. It left me feeling like a fool for trusting some unknown thug with my money, and a little bit less secure about buying things online (or offline for that matter).

However it brought me to a realization.

There are losers out there who will try con every last dollar out of you, but there are also intelligent, hard working and results orientated people out there too, who really do want to help you.

I get the vibe that because Acai berries do have good nutritional value, that every man and his Uncle Tom Thumb has just jumped n the band wagon, similar to the recent property boom and subsequent bust.

This brings me to the actual benefits of the Acai berry.

It is just like any other berry, except with a little higher nutritional value.
It has good antioxidant properties like blue berries or blackberries and it is a very healthy little critter to snack on if you can get the chance.

However it is not the be all and end all in fat loss.

It is marketed like this:


Come on, you aren’t that gullible are you?

Fat loss and building a lean sexy body takes time, hard work and dedication.
As long as you still believe that all these fads and supplements work, you might as well still believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and unicorns.

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