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Jul 172011

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – $34.99

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

The Iron Gym is a great chin-up bar; it works exactly as advertised. It is very easy to assemble, use, and attach and remove from a doorway. It seems extremely stable, and I have no problem believing it could support the claimed 300 lbs.

Some things to keep in mind:

As other reviewers have mentioned, it sits a little too low to be effective for dips, but putting your feet on a low stool helps with that problem.

Apparently (according to the ad copy) the ab straps are now included in the box–they were not included when I ordered mine from Amazon, and shipping is an additional eight dollars for the straps. Bummer.

Assembly is pretty straightforward, but you want to make sure everything is tightened down, or the bar will feel unsteady, especially when used for push-ups and dips. But be careful not to over-tighten the bolts that go through the plastic brace–it looks like it would be fairly easy to ‘strip’ the unreinforced square bolt holes in the plastic brace.

When assembled, the total cross bar length is just a hair under 37″ wide. In addition, a plainly visible metal safety clip has to be installed (by hand, no screws required) between the top of the door frame and the wall. Just a couple of things to consider before choosing location.

Finally, at the time of this review, the Iron Gym is available for the same price at Linens-n-Things. If you have one locally, you could save yourself shipping since Super Saver shipping is not offered for this product.

More Details

  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more
  • Three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral
  • Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. Installs in seconds.

Iron Gym is the multi function training bar that combines every exercise you need to build a powerful upper body. Its the ultimate body sculpting and strength building tool that helps shape the upper body and tones your midsection.

The durable steel construction holds up to 300 lbs.
It is designed to fit residential doorways 24″ to 32″ wide with doorway trim or molding up to 3 ½ inches wide.

Strengthen your back, biceps, and other upper body muscles in the comfort of your living room or dorm with the Iron Gym workout bar. Designed to fit conveniently in most doorway frames or sit on the floor for pushups, dips, and sit-ups, the Iron Gym is an ideal choice for people who want to get fit without buying expensive, space-intensive weight sets. When installed in the doorway, the device lets you perform pull-ups and chin-ups, with three grip positions–narrow, neutral, and wide–for working the inner and outer back. Once you’re done with your back workout, you can quickly move the Iron Gym to the floor, where you can perform pushups while facing down, tricep dips while facing the other way, or sit-ups using the Iron Gym for foot stability.

The Iron Gym–whose durable steel frame installs quickly without tools or fasteners–holds up to 300 pounds and is designed to fit residential doorways 24 to 32 inches wide, with doorway trim or molding up to 3.5 inches wide.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

  One Response to “Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar”

  1. I am not sure why there are reviews of the Iron Gym that are below a four. The IRON GYM is a great buy for the money. It does what it advertises and supports my 235lb. weight with no difficulties. Unlike others, I knew what I was paying for.

    So, the one caveat I have with the Iron Gym is that it really does not offer a “wide” grip for taller/wider grip individuals like myself. The “wide” grip will be as wide as your door frame’s opening width. But, this fact was obvious to me before I bought the product (just look at the photos). Nonetheless, the three variable grips offered (wide, inner and arched bar) are perfect and allow for a fantastic workout.

    The quality is quite good and NO parts were missing. It is true that the AB Straps are “FREE” for $7.99 s/h with an included mail-in card. But, I did not buy this for the ab straps … I can get more effective ab exercises with core and yoga mat routines.

    PURCHASE TIP: Your local BED BATH & BEYOND and/or LINENS N’ THINGS has the iron Gym in stock. They charge $29.95 + tax but NO SHIPPING (obviously, because it is in stock). They also offer an unconditional 60 Day no-questions asked return policy if you are disappointed by the product. You can frequently find 20% OFF or even $10 OFF any $30 purchase coupons on your local paper or mailings for each store. They each accept expired coupons and each others coupons (at least my local stores do). So, I purchased mine for $21.35, with no shipping charges or worries of return charges). Sometimes Amazon has the best deal. But, with this item, it pays to shop around!

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