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Jul 242011

Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym – $799.99

Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym

I was initially skeptical on purchasing this item since there was very little info that I could find. It shipped within a week of purchase, and after a bit of hassle bringing it in, it took an afternoon to set up.

As a whole I’m very pleased with it so far. There’s a few things that are a bit annoying like that manner on which adjusting the seat is done or how the front sort of lifts up when doing an upright row , but considering the low cost compared to what you get this is perfect.

More Details

  • 200-pound stack home gym for strengthening chest, shoulders, legs, and more
  • Multi-position press arm with 6 settings for chest press, shoulder press, and seated rows
  • Upper and lower pulley stations, including lat station; dual-action leg developer
  • 200-pound vinyl selectorized weight stack; butterfly station; ab strap for abdominals
  • Includes lat bar, shiver bar, and single handle; requires 30 square feet of floor space

Marcy Diamond Elite 200 lb. Stack Home Gym

Strengthen and tone your chest, shoulders, back, biceps, legs, and a host of other muscle groups with the Marcy MD3400 200-pound stack home gym. The gym is equipped with a multi-position press arm with six settings, letting you perform chest presses, shoulder presses, and seated row exercises. The upper and lower pulley stations, meanwhile, support such exercises as lat pulldowns, tricep pulldowns, bicep curls, and more. And thanks to the dual-action leg developer–which includes a pivot point that properly aligns with the knee joints for better biomechanics–the MD3400 works your lower body as well, including your quads, hamstrings, and more. Other workout options include a butterfly station for chest flies, a lat station, and an ab strap for abdominals.

The MD3400 also accommodates a variety of body types and exercise preferences, with a variable-height seat and a multi-position back pad with four different pad angle settings. And despite the MD3400’s versatility, the gym requires only 30 square feet of floor space, with a footprint that measures 5 by 6 feet. The system comes with a 200-pound vinyl selectorized weight stack with covers, a lat bar, a shiver bar, a single handle, and an ankle strap.

Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym

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  1. Have looked at several stores and did alot of research prior to purchasing this gym ….It was not about the money it was more for what I needed . I have had this for just over two weeks , it was set up as previous reviews in about 3.5 hours everything labled and in great shape..I compare this to the big gyms costing $1200…little gym big power!!! This has been recommened to several co workers as well as neighbors already

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