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Jul 042011

Trying to find the best way to lose lots of weight quickly? There are many ways of doing this in our day and age. Many people eat in different ways to lose the weight while others trying exercise routines. These are some of the most common ways people try to lose weight. Anyone can understand why you would want to lose weight in our society. It seems everywhere you look there is a superstar with a slim waist who is in perfect shape. With our buys days it is hard sometimes to get into the shape we would like. Well now there is finally a solution. The HCG diet is a quick weight loss diet that truly works. In this article we plan to break the diet down for you into some simple steps that will help you understand the diet better and be able to apply it into your life.

Step 1 – The Pig Out Stage This stage sounds a little contradictory but it really does help in the end. You will eat as many fatty foods as you can for about 2 or 3 days. This does not include sugars but just fatty foods. Get as much of these fatty foods as you can and don’t worry about any reprecussions. After the diet is completed you will see that it all works out so seriously load up on it all now because you won’t be able to eat most of these things during the diet.

Step 2 – Purging The Pounds This is where the diet becomes much more difficult. From here on you will start eating a lot more strict but it can still be easy if you do it right. After you finish the three days of the first diet then you will begin to take HCG drops before each meal. You will start by taking a spoon full of the HCG drops and placing them under your tongue for about 15 seconds. After you have done this you are able to eat only 10 minutes later. You will need to do this for breakfast lunch and dinner. The breakfasts on this second stage will be a simple fruit such as an orange or apple. Your lunch will be about an ounce of meat of some type with unlimited amounts of one vegetable of your choice. The dinner will be the same thing but it cannot be the same vegetable and meat as lunch. You are also able to eating one more fruit before going to sleep. The whole purpose of all of this is to keep your calorie intake to a minimum. The HCG diet drops will give you an advantage because they will help you to not feel a large amount of hunger. It will all be very tolerable. If you keep up with this step then you will most likely lose between 1 and 2 pounds every day if you do it all right. As long as you keep with the plan and keep taking the oral HCG drops you should be fine.

Step 3 – The Maintenance Stage On this part of the diet you will be able to eat things that are listed on the second phase. Except, now you will be able to transition into your normal diet more. You will have more wiggle room to eat some more meat than you would with the second phase as well. You will still continue to take your HCG weight loss drops to help keep your hunger down. Gradually you will reach where you are. After you have lost so much weight and you are at this point you will be going crazy for some fatty foods that you are used to. This is part of the reason why you load up on fats on the first stage. So make sure that you keep yourself clear from most fatty foods. Just remember, if you break the diet and start eating these things you will gain that weight right back. So be sure to stick to the rules that are included with your HCG kit you will receive. The kit also comes with a handy cookbook to help you make great foods that are very tolerable so you should be able to hold off those urges if you have the will power. But whatever you do, don’t give up in the middle or you will gain it all back.

Step 4 – The Return To Normality This step is simple, you will transition to your normal eating habits. On this step you will just need to make sure that you do not over do your eating. You will slowly begin to start eating your normal foods again so be careful not to eat too much of some bad things. Just don’t over do it all. You will constantly see a difference in your weight with this diet so hold in there and see the great difference!

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