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Skipping Rope Exercises Cardio At Its Best

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Skipping Rope Exercises

Skipping rope exercises as well as elastic band exercises are making a comeback of sorts. As a child growing up most of us have jumped rope, or double dutched our way across the playgrounds and gyms of our schools.  We did not know or care back then that we were getting the benefits of skipping rope exercises. And we have all seen pictures and videos of boxers going through jump rope workouts. But did you know that jumping rope is one of the most effective cardio workouts you can do? Take a look at this article I found on the subject:

Benefits of Skipping

skip-hop have produced skipping workout and skipping workshops programs, carefully designed to improve your levels of fitness, agility, coordination and general health. If you think about it, can it be a coincidence that almost all professional sportsmen and women use skipping as part of their daily workout routine.

Skipping and Bone Density

The Osteoporosis Society in the UK recommends 2 to 5 minutes of a physical activity like skipping every day to help prevent osteoporosis.

The benefits of a physical activity like skipping in relation to osteoporosis are very well established. Weight bearing activity that puts stress on the bone is recommended during adolescence to develop optimum bone mass. It is also beneficial to maintain activities like skipping throughout life because it minimises the rate of bone loss and provides the maximum protection against osteoporosis. Skipping is an ideal activity to help prevent Osteoporosis.

Visual Spatial Perception in Skipping As if the aforementioned were not enough, skipping must combine the skills of rhythm and timing in relation to visual spatial perception by recognizing the skipping rope’s; distance, direction, speed and position.

All these calculations are performed very rapidly in the brain and then converted into movement by the skipper to enable him or her to perform the basic skipping techniques. Once these basic skips are mastered then there are ever more complex skipping techniques and skipping tricks which will further tax and therefore develop these emerging skills.

Another amazing benefit of skipping to lose weight is that it’s so cheap! You don’t need a gym membership, DVD, video, bike, treadmill or weights. All you need to add skipping to your workout is a jump rope.

Skipping is a wonderful workout for both the heart and lungs, and it works the muscles too. Jumping is excellent for shaping up your hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks, and swinging the rope even gives your arms a work out. Jumping rope really is a total body workout, and you don’t have to do it for hours to reap the rewards.

Without running it speeds your heart rate like that of a runner and so requires a lot of energy to maintain a good fitness point.

But skipping rope exercises can be frustrating or boring as after missing a few jumps. Even if you have a good stamina and maintain a good coordination, you fail to skip for more than 2 minutes. This is because your calves and Achilles tendons are stressed when you keep skipping in the same pattern and when they sting you start missing.

So to skip without missing you have to keep changing from a single bounce to a double bounce or to a skip or a jog or a knee up. You should keep changing the skipping style after every 30 seconds to avoid fatigue. To avoid a miss you can even do side skipping or rotating rope without jumping. This can be to warm you up in the start or to avoid any halt during the sets.

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As you can see from the above article the benefits of skipping rope exercises are many. But this form of exercise is not easy and if you are out of shape you should approach it slowly. Its an activity that you need to build yourself up to before trying a bunch of reps.  But you can do it. As in all things that put stress on the body, you should check with your doctor to be sure its safe. Also you need to secure a good jump rope. (check out the ones below) One that can take the stress you will be putting on it. Plus it needs to be a comfortable hand fit. Dress appropriately for working out including the right type of shoes. Keep a regular routine and chart your success. And in the end skipping rope exercises will help you melt away the flab and do it quickly as well.




How to Exercise Outdoors : Outdoor Jump Rope Exercises
Jumping rope is a great outside workout. Learn how to get in shape with outdoorexercises in this free fitness video. Expert: ShaNay Norvell Contact: Bio: ShaNay Norvell, a top personal trainer and fitness competitor based in Atlanta, GA, uses her positive energy and natural motivation skills to help take clients to their next level of fitness. Filmmaker: Nicole Bentley

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