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Can The Atkins Diet Help You Lose Weight ?

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Oct 142011

With so many diets on the market today, sometimes it is difficult to know which one to choose. But, truly, diet is the key word that should convince you that the Atkins Diet is a plan that will result in weight loss and maintenance for life. The problem with many diets and the reason why so many of them fail is that they fail to address the problem of what to do once the ideal weight has been achieved. This is not so with Atkins. In this plan, the dieter is not only given the keys and advice that they need to lose weight, they’re also given the tools they need to keep that weight off. The Atkins Diet not only looks at this as a journey to a desired weight, it sees the need for the dieter to entirely change the way that they look at food and eating. The Atkins Diet incorporates an education about foods and their effects on the body. In learning these effects, the choices for food consumption will be drastically different when the plan reaches the stage of ideal weight than it was at the beginning. In this way, the dieter has a much better chance of keeping the weight off. In the beginning, there is a time period of dramatic limitations on food choices. That’s not to say that there are none, but the choices are limited. For some of that time period, you may be hungry some of the time, and the diet will not allow you to satisfy that hunger. That alone will tend to turn people from the diet. But, the weeks following this are filled with gradually putting back some of the foods that were cut in the beginning. These foods will be put back gradually and in smaller amounts, but they won’t be denied forever. Another part of this diet that may be considered a problem is that it requires a large amount of self-control. Unlike programs like Weight Watchers, there are no meetings, there is no community of people that you can turn to for support. You are ultimately in control of how closely you follow this diet, which can be trying at times. When you are hungry, but are only allowed to eat certain foods, it may be difficult to resist temptation. Self-control for some may also be a positive. If there are no groups and no meetings, there are no weigh-ins that can be embarrassing for some. Also, with the Atkins Diet, you are ultimately in control of what you eat. There are no meals created for you. You are not restricted to frozen pre-packaged foods that come along with the diet. You are free to eat whatever you like as long as it follows the correct carbohydrate count. The biggest benefit to it is that it will provide the dieter with a new outlook on food. The successful dieter with this plan will achieve their ideal weight and be educated as to how to keep the new healthy lifestyle they’ve attained.

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Low Carb Diet Plan – How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Low Carb Diet Plan | Nutrition.

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Dec 272010

The low carb diet plan, more commonly known as the Atkins Diet, has been popular with dieters since the 1970’s. This diet offers rapid weight loss because starchy foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, peas and corn are not allowed.

Unfortunately, this weight loss plan has gotten a bad rap in recent years because it has made a number of people ill. This is mostly because people forget to use their heads when making food choices.

Here are the 3 most common pitfalls of the low carb diet plan and how you can avoid them.

1. Choose your protein wisely. Just because you are reducing your carbs, that doesn’t give you free reign to overindulge in bacon, sausage, cheese and other high fat proteins. This is the single biggest mistake most people make.

The Fix: The best choices are skinless chicken breasts, seafood, and extra lean cuts of beef or pork. Bake, broil or grill for the lowest fat content. You might also include whey protein powder or low fat cottage cheese.

2. Eating too few carbohydrates for too many days in a row. This is the second biggest mistake made. Cutting carbs to less than 100g for days or weeks at a time results in fatigue, mood swings, mental fogginess and the dreaded weight loss plateau.

The Fix: For every 3 days of low carb eating, take 1 day to add a serving of healthy carbs to each meal. This helps your body refuel and will help keep you from hitting a weight loss plateau. Remember, this is a low carb diet plan, not a no carb diet.

3. Not eating the right type of fat. Closely related to the #1 pitfall of eating too many fatty meats is not eating enough of the right kind of fat. The right kind of fat with help you lose weight faster.

The Fix: Cook with olive oil or coconut oil and supplement with fish or flax oil. I recommend fish oil because the body doesn’t have to convert it to a usable form. These are much healthier alternative.

A low carb diet plan can be a very effective tool for weight loss, but only if it’s done right.

If you’re serious about losing weight through diet and exercise and the low carb diet plan doesn’t seem to be right for you, I suggest you check out the 10 top diet plans available.

Being permanently successful at the weight loss game involves eating right and exercising regularly with a plan that fits your lifestyle. Read outlines and opinions about the 10 top diet plans. Make an informed decision when you pick your perfect diet plan. Reach your goal weight this year!

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Fast Ways To Lose Weight – The Sonoma Diet Vs Low Carb Diets : Nutrition.

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Dec 232010

The Sonoma diet is a popular diet that is based upon the well-known Mediterranean diet. The diet restricts the user to eating only from a list of approved foods and also encourages controlling the size of portions that are consumed. The approved foods are derived from a list of ten so-called “power foods” and are chosen for their strong flavors and nutritional content. The Sonoma diet doesn’t fall into the category of low carb or low sugar diet. People are allowed to eat whole grains, cereals and certain breads. However the diet does promote the idea that it’s best to avoid refined grains and foods that are high in either saturated fats or refined sugar.

The Sonoma diet has three distinct phases that are known as waves. The first of these waves lasts for 10 days. During this time all refined sugars and grains and other unhealthy foods are purged from the daily food intake. It is during this period that the fastest weight loss occurs as the body adjusts to its new food regime. The idea behind this purge is that people are at their most excited and motivated at the beginning of the diet and therefore willing to put themselves through the most difficult stage at the beginning.

The second wave of the Sonoma diet then begins. During this period portion sizes are increased slightly and extra food types are introduced back into the diet. weight loss slows down as food is added and portion size increase. People stay in this second wave until they have achieved the weight loss goal that they desire. Once this goal is achieved then they are ready to move into the third and final phase of the Sonoma diet. Also known as the maintenance phase, people are encouraged to stick to the list of power foods and continue to control their portion sizes.

At this point, the Sonoma diet becomes a lifestyle choice. This is where it is similar to both the Atkins diet and the south beach diet. All these diets require the user to start off on a very restrictive initial phase that purges the body of unhealthy eating habits. This is followed by the re-introduction of approved food types which then finally leads to the new diet becoming a lifestyle choice. For many the severely restrictive initial phases can be too much to handle, especially those with hectic work schedules or young families to look after. These initial phases can lead to energy levels dropping, cause moodiness in some and can lead to the eventual giving-up on the diet.

If you’re looking for fast ways to lose weight, eating a balanced diet that contains the correct proportions of healthy carbohydrate, fat and protein can often be extremely successful.

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The Atkins Diet Plan – What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Dr Atkins’ Diet Plan :- Diet plans.

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Dec 212010

The Atkins diet plan first emerged in the early 70s. Founded by Dr. Robert Atkins, who claimed to have lost weight with the diet, its emergence was accompanied by the publishing of a book, Dr. Atkins’ diet Revolution in 1972. Although this book was later republished with slight changes as Dr. Atkins’ New diet Revolution, the basic tenets were that a low carb diet was the key to successful weight loss. The program was franchised in 1989 and special low carb products such as bars and shakes for people on the diet were added to the product line. The diet became exceedingly popular and its popularity continued into the 80s and 90s.

The Atkins Diet plan was based on four phases: induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and lifetime maintenance. Of all phases, the most important one was considered to be the induction phase which was to last two weeks, as it was here that the most profound weight loss was to occur. In this phase, people were to eat less carbs and especially less flour and sugar; the idea being that your body would undergo a metabolic change and begin to burn fat instead of carbs and sugar. The diet plan also included a list of acceptable foods for the crucial induction phase that included high amounts of protein and fat and moderate exercise. The reason for increasing fat was that Dr. Atkins claimed that it was the lack of fat that made people feel hungry and that this was the main reason for the failure of other diets which could not be sustained. In later phases of Dr. Atkins diet plan, carbohydrates were slowly re-introduced to the diet but still monitored and reduced. The basic idea was that after losing weight in the induction phase, carbs were slowly reintroduced up to the point where the individual was still experiencing weight loss, and then again up to the point where no weight gain was occurring.

While many people certainly lost weight with the Atkins Diet plan, in order to eat less carbs and not feel hungry, people were to eat foods high in protein and fat. Opponents of Atkins Diet plan argue that this is unhealthy. In addition, opponents argue that while people may well lose weight in the induction phase, most of this weight loss is due to water loss and cannot be maintained. It was further argued that no metabolic change occurred in the body with this diet, and that indeed, in the long term, the followers of the Atkins plan were susceptible to serious health risks, such as increased risk of heart attack due to the high fats and other metabolic and emotional changes. What is more, the diet was found to be expensive and possibly contributed to a decrease in sales of flour and pasta.

With the death of Dr. Atkins in a tragic accident in 2003, the company founded to sell the Atkins products declared bankruptcy in 2005. The business and the Atkins Diet plan reemerged in 2006 but they have yet to achieve the same level of popularity that they previously experienced. It seems that low carb diets no longer garner the attention that they once did.

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