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Easy methods to Drop some pounds In College: The SarahFit College Diet

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Apr 262012

Shed weight In College: The SarahFit College Diet Wanna drop some pounds in college? Take a look at this diet plan for students. Get your BMR here Be a Fan on Facebook Read my articles on Examiner – Tweet Me

Simple Diet Plan, Detox, shed extra pounds

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Mar 222012

Simple Diet Plan, Detox, shed weight Dr. Mark Hyman is astounding. His youtube videos are the right. When you are looking ahead to his book (books) watch his fantastic videos Buy the UltraSimpleDiet book, get your supplies ready and begin living. The food is healthy and straightforward to arrange. Let's do that together. Follow me on my blogs http i am hoping to be journaling and vloging about my results. i’m all in favour of this new venture, join me. marjie

My Diet Plan: What To Eat To Drop some weight

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Jan 072012

Get meal ideas at – Here’s my diet that I followed to get right down to 15% body fat. Discover what you might want to eat to shed pounds by following my diet plan. CLICK MORE INFO! It's kinda long but answers the questions like shed pounds and what I eat for dinner and breakfast. Follow me on Twitter – Be a Fan on Facebook – Take a look at my articles – Visit my site for my daily workouts and meal ideas –

The HCG Diet Plan – What Exactly Is The HCG Diet Plan?

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Oct 282011

The HCG Diet Plan is all about losing weight fast then working on maintaining the end result forever, largely by the use of the hormone “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” or (HCG).

This hormone is responsible for accumulating protein and works with another gland (Hypothalamus) to control the fat in our body, and is found abundantly in pregnant women.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body produces the HCG hormone that gives her energy throughout her term. This is necessary to keep the pregnant body strong as the baby being formed in the womb is reliant on the mother for sustenance.

Discovered by Dr. A.T. W Simeons, the HCG diet protocol uses this hormone to stop the body going into starvation mode while taking in only 500 calories a day which is what is called for in this diet.

Apparently it also acts as an appetite suppressant and along with the (VLCD) or very low calorie diet you are guaranteed to lose weight without feeling hungry. According to most users, this is in fact the case.

Because you don’t starve even on the low calorie diet, your body remains energetic by feeding on the unwanted fat in your body, which more than makes up for the extra calories needed for your body to function properly.

The burning of the fat is unlike other diets that burn any form of fat that is present in the body. With the HCG diet your body only gets to fuel on the unwanted fat – leaving the good fat that is needed by some parts of the body to function properly.

This diet is not all about regulating your food intake. It also requires you to discipline yourself as well. When partnered with healthy sleeping habits and lots of water intake, the HCG diet plan seemingly works like magic!

If strictly followed a good HCG diet plan guarantees that you will loose 1 pound of unwanted fat every day – thats 30 pounds in 30 days!

Almost too good to be true I thought until I spoke to people actually doing it and yes it really is acheivable – BUT it doesn’t happen without you making it happen!

The first 2 days are the best as you get to eat as much as you like, whenever you like and whatever you like, so take full advantage of this phase as, believe it or not, this phase is as important to your success as the following 2 phases.

Next, you need to be mentally prepared to tackle this 2nd phase, which is where the Very Low Calorie Diet or (VLCD) kicks in and must be followed. But don’t get too concerned about this as most people are saying it is not as daunting as it seems.

Finally, if you have purchased a good plan, it will show you what you need to do to ensure you do not gain back the weight.

At this point you should be able to very slowing start introducing a wider variety of good healthy foods back into your diet without putting on weight.

I believe the whole process takes around 45 days – a very short time compared to the rest of your life!

Here’s to you and your success!

If you’re looking for a reliable company to buy hcg drops then you will find all the information you need via our website. Here we have reviewed the hcg-diet-plan to come up with a company that we believe will give you everything you need to get started on your weight loss journey.

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Is There a Cabbage Soup Diet Plan?

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Oct 242011

The Cabbage diet, or cabbage soup diet as it is usually recognized, is a major 7 day diet plan for which you restrict yourself to a rigorous diet emphasizing a reduced fat cabbage soup. The cabbage weight loss plan was created especially for short term weight loss and needs no long-term commitments and there’s no risk of going starving as people are invited to take in as much cabbage as she or he needs.

There are many models to the diet itself but a standard 7 day plan looks something like this:

Sip as much water as you like (at the very least 4 glasses a day) and even fruit juice (without having increased sugar of course) is alright on days when you are able have fruit.

Day 1 – No Bananas right now but as much Cabbage soup and also as much fruit as you enjoy
Day 2 – Indulge with a jacketed baked spud and some butter if you’d like, as well as of course Cabbage plus veggies!
Day 3 – No Bananas or potatoes today, nonetheless enjoy some Cabbage soup along with some fruits.
Day 4 – Losing out on Bananas? You can consume up to 8 bananas today and as much skimmed milk as you need! Oh, and of course cabbage soup!
Day 5 – Appreciate up to 10 ounces of ground beef and six tomatoes today! Refill on the old Cabbage soup as well!
Day 6 – Consume all the beef and vegetables as you like today (no potatoes however, I am sorry) and trustworthy Cabbage soup as the staple
Day 7 – Brown rice and vegetables (still no spuds) and unsweetened fruit juice are ok today. And a last measure of Cabbage soup too, obviously!

For anyone who is pondering commencing a cabbage diet then make sure you seek advice from your health care provider to ensure it is a good fit for you personally, additionally it often helps to let your physician know when you plan to take on significant eating plan modifications! If you’ve got the approval from your current General practitioner then make sure you have a very good cabbage diet recipe too as several of the older low-calorie filler variety of recipes are not substantial enough as a nutritional staple. Ever Since it’s birth in the 1980’s the cabbage diet recipe has gone through some adjustments that account for the missing protein and some recipes now include much more diary and protein shakes as well as reduced salt in the diet regime.

A lot of people wonder about the cabbage soup diet but few venture into giving it a try. If you are looking for some more info on this radical diet check out and see if it’s right for you!

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Best Diet Plan for a Busy Lifestyle

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Oct 212011

If you’re busy on a usual basis then finding the best diet plan for you can be difficult. Many of the diets that work the best tend to require counting of calories at every meal, planning these meals before hand, as well as specifically only eating certain types of foods. The solution is to find the best diet plan for a busy lifestyle.

The Most Important Dieting Rule There are many dieting “tricks” or “techniques” that many professional dieters and nutritional experts cling to. For example, the recommendation that one should have five to six smaller meals a day instead of a couple of big meals per day for best fat loss. While this is effective, it is not necessary for successful fat loss. What is necessary is calorie reduction.

If you are not eating less calories than you burn per day then weight loss will be very difficult. Fortunately, with a busy lifestyle eating less is often not that hard. With so many things to do during the day, cutting the whole “snack” thing is pretty easy. The hard part is cutting back when that one or two meals a day does come up.

The solution?

Eat Healthier Foods

An easy solution for the busy person that is looking for the best diet plan for their life is to start replacing the foods in their usual meals with healthy alternatives. Now you can find some diet and replace the foods with the foods in those diets. OR you can learn about nutrition and which foods are healthy and low in calories (which is a lot easier to learn).

What are the healthy foods to eat?

I recommend for newbies that aren’t quite sure to do the good old test of “natural” or “not natural”. Just look at a food item and ask yourself if you could find this in the wild as is. For example, if you look at a granola bar then obviously it can’t be found in nature without heavy processing, adding sugar, packaging it with preservatives and flavoring, etc. Then look at an orange, lean meats, seafoods, nuts, whole grains, beans, legumes, and they require no processing except a little bit of basic and light cooking.

Choosing these healthier foods for your meals will make you feel fuller faster as well as provide you with much more nutrients and vitamins.

A good option is to first replace the unhealthy foods in ones lifestyle with the healthier more natural choices. If weight loss doesn’t occur still, then start to focus on reducing food portion sizes during meals.

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An Effective Migraine Diet Plan

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Oct 152011

Many sufferers of migraine attacks are probably unaware that their diet may be a contributing factor in triggering such attacks.

Migraine sufferers react in two different ways to the type of foods they eat. The first is they can react to certain chemicals found in a number of foods and secondly there is normal food intolerance.

The issue with such food reactions are that they can surface from 1½ to at least 12 hours after consumption. With this in mind it’s worth keeping a diary or note to record what has been eaten prior to a migraine attack and then the offending foods that trigger migraine attacks can be eliminated from any future diet plan, because those who suffer from migraines tend to react to different foods, an effective individual migraine diet plan therefore is essential.

Modern day lifestyles can have an impact on many people’s diets. There is certainly a tendency to buy pre-packaged foods from the supermarkets because it’s easier than preparing a fresh meal. What is forgotten though is that processed foods and pre-packaged foods contain additives and preservatives, not forgetting the natural substance tyramine which is found in many foods. All these preservatives and additives can and will trigger migraine attacks.

An effective migraine diet plan should be a must for those who suffer from migraines where the probable triggers are caused by a dietary issue. A well-balanced and healthy diet, will not only help reduce the possibility of a migraine attack, but will also give the extra benefit of overall health. A diet plan does not mean skipping meals or fasting, because in reality this is a potential migraine trigger with some people, so eating regularly is also well advised.

A diet plan should consist of mainly freshly prepared foods such as meat, poultry, fish and of course fresh fruit and vegetables.

Foods that most definitely should NOT be even considered as part of any migraine diet plan are those which contain tyramine, a natural substance found predominantly in foods and drinks such as mature cheese, processed or cured meats, caffeine (coffee, tea, cola), citrus fruit and bananas, alcohol (red wine & beer).

Another food additive to steer clear of is MSG (monosodium glutamate) mainly found in Chinese foods, pizza, chips and soups.

Exercise can also play a major part in a effective migraine diet plan, although there can be some mixed reaction depending on the individual. Exercise in some cases, especially excessive exercise can produce headaches, however in other cases lack of exercise has the same result. Yet again it’s worth keeping a note on what works and what doesn’t.

Finally the important things to remember about implementing an effective migraine diet plan are:

  • Know your triggers
  • Eat on regular basis
  • Don’t miss out on meals.
  • Take light exercise

To find out more information about migraines and severe headaches please visit

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The Best Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

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Oct 142011

Pregnancy and child birth is of course a very good and happy occasion for the entire family especially for the mother who undergoes a lot of pain and suffering during the nine months prior to delivery. However, once she is through with the process of delivery, the next important thing that bothers her is her physical shape and size. She would still continue to look attractive and in shape. But it is a matter of fact that many women do tend to go a bit out of shape during the process of pregnancy and even after it. However, this is not something that is irretrievable. Post-pregnancy women can come back to their original shape provided she takes the necessary steps towards this objective. Of the many things she has to first find out a good and effective post pregnancy diet plan. There are quite a few such plans that are available. The internet is the best place where a lot of useful information can be obtained regarding the best weight loss plan for new moms. However, while implementing such diet plan, the woman should be careful and ensure that she can follow the plan for a period of time. This is important because giving it up half way can create more problems than solutions.

The best post pregnancy diet plan is one which will take into account the calorie needs of the woman keeping in mind that she needs to breast feed the new born child. Many people think breast feeding may cause a woman’s body to go out of shape. This is wrong and away from truth. Hence a good post pregnancy diet plan is one which has the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Since there are bound to be quite a number of changes after pregnancy the diet plan should keep this fact in mind. Such drastic reduction in some hormones may reduce the metabolism rate temporarily for a woman and hence during this period it would be better to put her on a diet that is low on carbohydrates and fats. It would be better to increase protein intake and have a lot of fruits and minerals. It not only helps the mother to shed extra weight but also gives the right kind of nutrition to the baby till such time he or she can be fed other food apart from mother’s milk.

The internet is the best place where the right information can be obtained on such post pregnancy diet plan.

However, eating fat burning foods makes all the difference between staying overweight or losing those extra pounds. If you eat four meals every day, but each day you eat different food and you get exercise plan which anyone can do, you can look the way you really want to. The best part, your metabolism does not even know you are on diet, and you still lose weight. People, who are skeptic, can even get a free metabolism booster guide and see how it works for them.

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Weight Training Diet Plan for Women

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Oct 102011

While on a strength training routine, it is recommended to take enough calories for supporting body activity and muscle development. However, these calories should come from foods that are rich in complex carb, lean protein, fiber, and good fats. Such food helps in burning existing fat, resulting in healthy weight loss. On the contrary, having a very low-calorie diet will slow your metabolism and you will risk losing the lean muscle mass.

In general, a proper weight training diet plan should focus on daily protein intake to build the muscle mass. It is recommended to consume around 1.5 to 2 g of protein (preferably lean protein) per kilogram of your body weight. And for women who are exceptionally actively, it is recommended to consume more amount of protein. Make sure that around 25 percent of your daily calories should come from lean protein. Around 25 to 35 percent of your calories should come from healthy fats (including Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids) and another 40 to 50 percent must be in the form of complex carbohydrates.

As already mentioned, whole foods are better than supplements like pre-mixed protein shakes and meal replacement bars. For a healthy weight training diet plan include foods like fish, whey protein powder, egg whites, lean meat, oatmeal, whole grain breads, fruits, and fresh vegetables. Greek yogurt and tofu are good sources of lean protein. Also, include brown rice and quinoa in your weight training diet plan, as they are good sources of healthy carbohydrates. Fats too are important, but that should come from unsaturated sources like salmon, almonds, olive or safflower oil, mackerel, avocado, ground flax and natural peanut butter.

An ideal weight training diet plan for a woman should focus on keeping hunger in control. Thus, have frequent small snack-sized meals to provide nutrition to your working muscles. And each meal must include a serving of protein, a healthy carbohydrate and a small amount of fat. Meal timing is important in strength training diet plans and you must eat in every three to four hours. This prevents extreme hunger and overeating. Additionally, it prevents the body from turning to your muscle for fuel. To get better results from your weight training, it is recommended to split one meal up around the workout time. Eat half of the meal to provide protein to muscles to use during the workouts, and the other half after the training session to help your muscles to repair and grow.

A woman opting for weight training sessions can begin her day with a fat-burning breakfast of low-fat turkey sausage, spinach sautéed in olive oil, egg whites and an orange. For a mid-day snack, you can have a smoothie, mixing soymilk or any low-fat milk, whey protein powder, berries, and bananas. You can drink half of this drink before the strength training session and the other half afterwards. Lunch may include brown rice or quinoa, broiled salmon or mackerel, red peppers and mushrooms. You can have cottage cheese with apple or dried apricots and pistachios for mid-afternoon snacks. For dinner, have baked sweet potato with honey glazed turkey or pork tenderloin, and steamed green beans. Also, minimize your share of protein drinks and protein bars; if you are having them make sure, they have low carbs and low sugar. Though some bars are healthy, most of them are sugar sticks with protein powder mixed inside. The exact serving sizes of your meals will depend on your targeted or recommended daily calorie intake, which is calculated based on your age, weight, activity level and weight training goals. Finally, have at least 8 glasses of water or more everyday as a part of your weight training diet plan.

Larry Scott is a health and fitness enthusiast and an aspiring powerlifter. Larry has published articles about powerlifting equipment and various strength training methods; he is a big fan of Louie Simmons and has participated in various competitions.

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Diet Meal Plans – The Recommended Weight Loss Healthy Diet Plan: Components and Features

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Aug 292011

Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, you may be required to take some meals and not others because of your medical condition. You may even be required to take those meals which are not your favorites and this may force to change your diet meal plans suddenly. This should not at any time injure your health because there are healthy diet meal plans for any medical condition. Weight loss is especially problematic because almost all the foods we eat contain some amount of fat which is not recommended for weight loss plans.

The word healthy is very important in this article and you should take it seriously. Your weight loss diet meal plans should not affect the normal body functioning or its immunity. Precisely, you should never starve yourself in order to lose weight because this will cause other serious health problems. You may be required to take little but well balanced and healthy meals and you may feel hungry before your body adjusts to the new eating plans.

Though there are certain diet meal plans which are almost universal and recommended for any one who wants to lose weight, your physician may proscribe or prescribe certain meals and do the opposite to another person who is having the same weight gain problem. This may be for instance if you have an underlying health issue like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, depression etc because the effects of certain foods on these other diseases and conditions must also be considered even if they are good for weight loss.

Though it is the most relied source of information on the latest diet meal plans, the internet information should be relied on with caution and you should take reasonable steps to establish the expertise of the author of any article on diet meal plans. Incase you get conflicting, you should consult your physician and the opinion of your local medical professional should prevail because some foods which are recommended else where may be referred to in a different name in your local area or not recommended at all.

Most weight loss diet meal plans concentrate on restricting o the intake of certain foods but the best ones also put a lot of emphasis in encouraging the frequent intake of some others especially those which increase the body metabolism and boost body immunity. Some foods have also been proved to contain some types of fats which are easily metabolized by the body and are as such safe for intake. Only the foods which contain fats which are not easily metabolized by the body and those which are deposited in the body tissues and organs should be avoided in all diet meal plans . Most diet meals plans experts recommended that you should balance and take your meals to ensure that you lose anything between one and two kilograms every week and you will need to be dedicated in order to attain this objective.

Simon Lovell is author of The Lunch Box Diet which is one of the best diets available for those who want to lose weight. You can start The Lunch Box Diet and get great free bonuses for a limited time.

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