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Lose Weight Without Dieting: Train your mind, change your eating habits and start losing weight today!

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Oct 032013

Lose Weight Without Dieting: Train your mind, change your eating habits and start losing weight today!

Lose Weight Without Dieting: Train your mind, change your eating habits and start losing weight today! Rating:
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Learn How To Use The Power Of Your Mind To Achieve Real, Natural Weight Loss Diets Don't Work, But Changing Your Habits DOES. This Book Will Show You How The weight loss and diet industry pulls in more than 40 billion dollars annually in the United States alone. Despite this massive amount of money people just seem to keep packing on the pounds. Why is this? The truth of the matter is that the diet industry is largely a fraudulent empire based on false assumptions that it largely perpetuates. Which of the following statements do you believe? My problem is that I need to lose 20 pounds There is no substitute for will power if you want to lose weight All successful programs for healthy and natural weight loss require a special eating plan made up of low calorie meals Three pounds a week is about the minimum amount of weight that you should expect to lose on a healthy diet plan The fact of the matter is that it would take me about 50 push-ups, 100 deep knee bends and 200 sit ups combined with running around the block to burn off the calories from one piece of pie. This is why exercise is not an important way to lose weight When trying to lose weight it is a good idea to weigh yourself everyday. This way you'll know if you're making progress and you can reinforce your success If you are trying to lose weight sticking strictly to a diet plan is crucial. If you deviate at all you are condemning yourself to failure. You can't cheat! The diet industry pushes all of these ideas and more in one form or another and yet none of them are true. If you believe any of them you are playing by their rules and the game is rigged. It's like you're trying to reach Hawaii but the diet industry has given you a map to the North Pole. There's only one way to win this game and that's to not play it at all How To Achieve Real Natural Weight Loss Here's the truth as to why all diets fail and why the rates for people keeping weight off is so poor. A diet forces you to adopt eating habits you wouldn't normally do. You can lose weight temporarily by only eating cabbage soup for example, but what happens when you come off the diet? You guessed it. The weight comes back with a vengeance. This is why the key to real long term weight loss is to make small, permanent changes to your eating habits everyday. When you are aware of them these changes are not hard to make but they will have a big impact. The NEW edition of Lose Weight Without Dieting is the only weight loss book that will show you how to harness the incredible power of your mind to make those small changes that will make a big difference in the long term. This book will help you build your own personal "burn the fat" blueprint that will show you how to lose that belly fat permanently. If you want to begin the process of losing so much weight that people you know will stop and ask you how you did it - purchase the new and revised Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting today!


  • Lose Weight Without Dieting Train Your Mind Change Your Eating Habits and Start Losing Weight Today

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Weight Reduction – Reduce Weight Healthy

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Oct 102012

Many of us are consistently in a struggle to drop weight, and a lot of us want to discover a diet where we can drop weight quick. Weight reduction is an extremely hard event to do. First you should commit yourself to transform the eating plan or current method you consume, which is not an effortless activity. Data on losing weight are not good, so exactly how can we discover a diet that is simple and will certainly drop weight and be healthy and balanced.

There are lots good eating plans on the marketplace today. The South Beach Eating plan is a very popular healthy and balanced diet strategy, there is the Negative Calorie Eating plan, which in my point of view is likewise a healthy and balanced means of consuming. There is likewise theIdiot Proof Eating plan Plan which is just that, and also is a healthy and balanced strategy.

One critical element of diet plans is to burn fat however additionally supply muscular tissue as you do not want to drop weight and also have a lot of flabby skin.

Here are some necessary suggestions on losing weight

1. Do not ever skip morning meal, your morning meal gets your metabolic rate going, particularly after a good nights rest. Consume a healthy and balanced eating plan, like whole grain cereals, healthy protein based foods that are low in fat, low-fat yogurt.

2. Consume plenty of water, for one drinking a lot of water keeps you feeling full and also less starving, drink fewer soft drinks and also coffee and most definitely fewer liquor as all of those can include significant fats to your daily consumption.

3. Make sure you count your carbohydrate as well as calorie consumption. Make sure you keep track of your consumption. Starches need to be kept low, in addition to consuming good carbs such as fruits as well as veggies, stay away from your processed glucose, flours as well as refined foods.

4. Take your time, do not attempt to hurry dropping weight, drop weight healthy and balanced means drop weight slow, plus if you do it the appropriate method, you will certainly maintain the weight off. Many individuals who drop weight too swiftly, as soon as they shift their eating routines back they put the weight back on rapidly and also usually a lot more weight than they initially lost.

Exactly what takes place when you drop weight too swiftly is your metabolic rate will certainly slow down, it decreases the rate we burn power to survive. A resistance is developed which is called homeostasis, for instance when our body heats up, we sweat, which is the reaction made to cool off, this is homeostasis. The same concept takes place when you drop weight, however when you drop weight too swiftly you will certainly shed body fluid and also muscular tissue mass instead of burning the fat.

You must additionally take a regimen of vitamins and also minerals. This will certainly improve your power as well as your metabolic rate. To drop weight healthy and balanced, you should consume good foods, not merely basing them on the caloric or carbohydrate amount, and also you should do some kind of work out. If you follow most of these weight loss suggestions, you can drop weight in a healthy and balanced in addition to keep the fat off.

Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way

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Jul 202012

Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way

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Diets don't work. Studies have shown that only 5 percent of people who go on a diet are able to keep the weight off for more than a year. Yet even with this 95 percent failure rate the weight loss industry continues to flood the market with new diets and useless gimmicks. What's the secret to true, long lasting weight loss? The key is to focus on your habits as they are related to food, not dieting. Unlike animals in nature human beings acquire a whole host of unnatural habits related to food without even realizing it. By changing these habits, most of whom you are probably not even aware off, you can start to lose weight naturally and easily. Get off the Diet roller coaster and start losing weight WITHOUT dieting today! To learn more about this course as well as others related to natural fitness and health (including information on how you can get this book for free!!) visit to learn more.


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Can’t Lose Weight? It’s Time to Stop Feeding Your Demons

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Sep 242011

Copyright © 2006 Debbie Fontana

When you can’t lose weight, the answer may be simple. Or it may be hard.

Maybe you really are just eating a little too much. Simple. Cut back.

Maybe you just turned 40 and as much as you hate to admit it, you’ll never have the body you had 20 years ago. Hard to admit, but with the right diet, you can still have a slimmer figure.

But what if you’ve had a long — maybe even a lifelong — battle with weight. And by that, I mean a serious weight problem, not just five pounds or so.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a psychiatrist. And I’m not giving medical advice.

But I have observed enough people over the years to form this opinion.

For people with lifelong weight loss problems, the right diet can help. But it’s usually not about dieting. Because it’s not about the food.

Think about it.

Are you lonely, angry, depressed? Do you feel guilty, rejected, inferior? Or even unworthy of love or success?

Do you seek comfort in food because people let you down? Or maybe you feel like you’ve let yourself down?

Have you tried every diet there is and nothing seems to work? Or at least not for long?

Then consider this. When you dive into that box of chocolates, is it food or an escape?

Maybe there’s a sexual assault in your past. Maybe kids teased you mercilessly when you were young. Maybe family members always made you feel inferior. Maybe an ex-spouse — or a current spouse — made you feel unwanted and unloved.

You didn’t fight back. Maybe you couldn’t — literally, couldn’t.

So you turned to food. For comfort. For escape. For an excuse to drive people away.

Because when you’re fat, it’s okay to be shy. To be different. To be alone.

It still hurts. But at least, you have an excuse to hide.

You say you want to lose weight, you go on diet after diet, but when things get tough…

… you seek refuge in food. And it starts all over again.

So ask yourself this.

If you could go back to the one incident or the series of events or the period of time that led to your weight problem, would you choose to relive it all again just as it happened?

Or if you had the chance, would you change it?

Because every time you escape with food, you make the choice to feed your demons.

To relive whatever it is that hurts you.

To give people who bullied or hurt you the power to do it all over again. And again. And again.

So you have a choice to make. To relive or to live.

It’s that simple. And that hard.

If you can’t do it alone, seek out a trusted friend. Or better yet, a trained professional.

But ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose to let go.

Choose to live.

About Author: Debbie Fontana is a full-time author and business owner who writes about health, weight loss, and nutrition. She created the delicious I Love to Cheat lifestyle diet and the companion I Love to Cheat Diet Newsletter. She encourages her subscribers to submit their weight loss problems, questions, and concerns. Visit her at I Love to Cheat Diet Plan | Weight Loss Success Story

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Pregnancy Dieting – Discover the Facts About Dieting During Pregnancy

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Aug 052011

Are you seeking to put your finger on what precisely ‘pregnancy dieting‘ is, then we can help you with this and much more. The words pregnancy and dieting tend not to appear to go together do they? For expectant women the word dieting is not the same as it can be for non-pregnant ladies. A diet, with regards to expecting mothers, has to do with correct nutrition to supply their child with all the nourishment it requires.

What is ‘pregnancy dieting’?

In all honesty, this term has been scandalized and also given a bad reputation for too long now.  Both have grown synonymous with an unhealthy daily eating routine because of the reckless habits of ladies who’re more worried about trying to keep ‘slim and trim’, perhaps even ‘thin’ during pregnancy, as opposed to putting importance on keeping healthy and well.

Pregnancy dieting‘ in this writer’s estimation is consequently a clear and downright oxymoron.  They just shouldn’t be sitting back to back like that.  Keep them separated until you know what this phrase actually means. The fact remains that women that are pregnant ought to monitor their weight as excessive weight gain in pregnancy could cause difficulties in their pregnancy. As a result, following a pregnancy diet regime may help them maintain how much they weigh as well as keep their infant healthful.

The more healthy side of pregnancy dieting

The faster all pregnant women come to recognize and recognize the actual definition and importance of pregnancy dieting, the better their prospect for a healthful nine months of pregnancy and a safe delivery and baby. Maternity dieting implies their nutritional consumption every day and what this involves to keep a specific sensible weight, in conjunction with the suitable type of moderate routines along with other physical activities.

The un-healthy side of pregnancy ‘dieting’

Pregnancy is not the proper time to be worried about weight loss.  This is certainly so typical and pervasive in our North American culture nowadays that the mere reference to the term ‘diet’ concocts within our brains the image of not health, but harm. Not until our culture shifts our attitude and people learn to think and reason realistically for themselves will warped thoughts and ridiculous myths find their way to where they’re best stored: in the garbage. Mothers-to-be have to be self-informed and never fall prey to a super helping of spoon feeding but to break down and process details and ideas when they come.  Get correct information.

The thing you need to understand about HEALTHY pregnancy dieting

While pregnant, mothers-to-be need to be more in tune with and employ good eating habits i.e. a rounded, well-balanced ‘diet’. Discover what exactly is entailed in eating appropriately and sensibly i.e. a healthy pregnancy diet.  It is a good thing, don’t you concur? The net is filled with resources on how to correctly eat during pregnancy. Let your fingers do the walking, as they say, and search the web for information on pregnancy dieting instead of dropping weight. You will discover some excellent guides that show you the way to maintain a healthy pregnancy diet.

Factors To Consider In Weight Reduction Diet

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Jul 232011

Take it from someone who has dieted and lost and also dieted and gained it ideal back. You will discover some elements within your life that may sabotage your diet. Listed below are some of them.

Liquid calories. Oh boy, do these elements add up quick. You likely currently know that you simply should really cut out the sugary sodas that you just used to drink. Those drinks include hundreds of calories per serving – not to mention sodium which can assist cause bloating. But, you also need to have to consider the other elements that you drink. Fruit juices may possibly seem like a wholesome choice, but they’re loaded with sugar. You will be substantially much better off to eat an orange instead of drink a glass of orange juice. You also require to look into just how much sugar you put within your morning coffee. Of course, that sugar isn’t helping your diet regime.

But be cautious about switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners in your coffee or tea. Study has shown that people who consume quite a bit of artificial sweeteners have a tendency to crave sugar and sweet items extra. So, your try at saving calories by utilizing artificial sweeteners may perhaps backfire when you give in to that craving to purchase a candy bar later within the day.

Usually do not weigh oneself a lot more than the moment every day. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day. Everyone’s weight does. To accurately gauge how that you are carrying out with regards to weight loss, you will be superior off to weigh oneself simultaneously every day or exactly the same time each and every other day. Mornings are generally the most inspirational weigh in, as you’ve got not eaten in a number of hours and have a tendency to be at your lowest daily weight. Once you weigh in additional regularly, you’re setting oneself up for disappointment, frustration, and possibly giving up in your weight-loss plan. Don’t let that occur.

Social consuming. Make an effort to keep away from gatherings at restaurants exactly where you realize you may eat non-stop. Spots where unlimited chips and salsa are supplied can sometimes be a hazardous place for dieters. Confident, you should take an occasional night off and like life – but if these kinds of gatherings are aspect of your regular routine, it is going to be challenging for you personally to slim down. Avoiding the temptation by meeting someplace else could be a good key for your success.

Mindless eating in general. In case you are the variety to have a hand inside a bag of chips while watching your preferred evening tv, this will trigger your diet regime to fail. Consuming for factors aside from hunger are sending your body a signal to shop fat. For those who require an evening snack, portion out a affordable quantity of the snack food and cease there. Do not give oneself the option of reaching in for “just one much more.”

Pondering as a result of a few of these points may perhaps assist you to start your diet off on the proper foot. And for those who have currently began, generating a few of these alterations may boost your weight-loss and assist you to get by means of that fat loss plateau you may have been struggling with. Just remember, your possibilities and attitude make the greatest difference in your achievement.

Want to find out more about weight loss plan, and how you can benefit out of it. Then visit Colin Aldridge’s site. Now is the time to make time for you. Now is the time to attract the happiness you seek and deserve.

Jul 192011

Are you looking for foods which speed metabolic process? Doing so should in all probability shock you. All foods pace metabolism.

“How is that possible?” you ask.

Let’s consider a speedy look at just what is fat burning capacity and how accomplishes it works. Doing so rationalization may help you to greater recognize the process and how it can have an effect on the body type.

When you eat a food, the body starts the approach of digesting the food, drawing out the vitamins and digesting them to produce power that keeps the body type operating effectively and effectively. It takes roughly 4 loads simply to enjoy the substances. Doing so is duplicated with every meal you eat. In a day, that numbers to 12 loads that the body type is active absorbing every single meal’s nutrients.

In short, during the digestive function approach, our our bodies burn energy. This is particularly true of foods consisting of carbohydrates and complete protein that consider lengthier in contrast to various meals to digest. Merely by consuming, digesting and absorbing substances from the food, you pace your metabolism.

Does doing so mean you could eat a lot more to continually activate calorific burning?

Right here’s an additional response which may possibly shock you. Yes. But hold on just before you park by yourself in front of the refrigerator, bib in place, knife and frk at the ready.

If you skip breakfast time and various recipes, you will lower how quickly your body type uses up calories. In doing so case, eating a lot more food should help speed metabolic process. In truth, by consuming more compact diets more often throughout the day, it is easy to keep your metabolism working so which your body is continually in the condition of calorific burning.

As mentioned, there are some foods that require much more of the body’s energy to burn. The degree to that these folks have an impact on the body’s metabolic process is dependent on the specific fruit alternative. Caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate and a compound identified in chillies are most foods that pace metabolism, but solely minimally.

Carbohydrates and complete protein trigger the greatest charge of metabolic process. In reality, a protein food can melt away as significantly as 25% of which food’s calories in digestive function and absorption.

Though a high protein food may audio appealing, consider that it would not supply the body with its mandated round of substances. Adding diet and mineral supplements is not the response either, simply because these folks do not supply the same quality of vitamins and nutrients that are seen by natural means in foods.

Your finest choice is to eat well-balanced meals in most cases which contain complete protein, non-starchy greens, fat and carbs. This can minimize fat growth although retaining the bloodstream sugar at a degree which assists to eat up fat and construct muscle.  

Concentrate on these 10 distinct foods which help velocity fat burning capacity and eat up fat.

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How to Have a Healthier Physique and a Great Marriage

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Jul 072011

If you want to maintain a healthy body and a healthy marriage then don’t eat fast food. Yep, that’s right – I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean shortly when I say that fast food addiction increases your chance of needing divorce lawyers.

Fast food makes you accumulate fat like nothing else. That’s because it’s loaded with unhealthy fats and sugar.

As your arteries clog up with fat your whole body begins to go down hill, but that’s not the only killer.

Consider the financial stress that it leads to. Think about this: the average fast food meal costs about seven dollars for one person, and if you supersize it that’s seven sixty.

Now multiply that by two adults and three children and you’ve got a meal cost of over thirty five dollars. Add another five dollars in running costs to get to the fast food outlet and back home and you’ve got a forty dollar meal.

Now, compare that with the alternative option of buying some healthy food ingredients from the supermarket. That might cost you, say, $15 to feed 2 adults and 3 children and perhaps 30-40 minutes to prepare the meal.

Ok, I can understand that it’s not as convenient as buying fast food, but then the outcome of habitually eating fast food isn’t that convenient either.

Firstly, you’re saving $25 or more on a meal. For a fast food addict, that could be $100 or more a week, or $5000 a year! And that’s not to mention you’re saving your health at the same time.

Financial stress is one of the biggest factors in divorce. Just imagine investing $5000 per year in your marriage and your family instead of handing it over to the fast-food giants.

What about having a $5000 yearly pay cut in return for extra annual leave time. This way you might be able to devote some real time together and not become strangers beneath the same roof.

What else could you do with another $5000 per year? Pay off the mortgage much faster? Take your spouse out to a fine restaurant every fortnight and paying a babysitter so that you can have some ‘together’ time?

So that’s it. If you want to keep away from divorce lawyers, keep away from fast food. It will be good for your body, your wallet and your marriage.

The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CMS Legal, Family Lawyers.

Information On How To Lose Belly Fat

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Jul 072011

If you constantly feel the urge of the pressing question of ‘how to lose belly fat’, it’s time you made it clear what weight loss involves.

Discover the root of the overweight problem!

The accumulation of belly fat is usually caused by a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. Hormonal imbalances, pre-menopause and andropause, diabetes, child birth or endocrine problems could also be the source of mid-section obesity. Run some medical tests and get a diagnosis before considering weight loss solutions.

How to lose belly fat when you suffer from chronic disease?

Some health conditions prevent people from performing intense physical activity, and they thus come to suffer from overweight in time. Pilates for instance meets the needs of people who have to get fit without putting too much physical stress on the system. Swimming is another option for belly fat reduction with minimum effort.

You can’t target belly fat alone!

The problem of how to lose belly fat is the same with the general ‘how to lose weight’ question. Physical training, a balanced diet, emotional balance, good night rest, correct hydration and positive attitudes play fundamental roles in any weight loss process. Increased self-awareness and self confidence add a bit of support under the circumstances.

Don’t trust the ‘magic pill’!

Certain commercials make you believe they can melt away fat right away. Well, this is highly unlikely given what we’ve said earlier about the impossibility to target a certain body part.

Skin care and alternative therapies work!

The direct impact on the fat deposits is possible with vibro-stimulation and massage. Some skincare products aim at reducing the adipose tissue locally. Yet, whichever be the case, such solutions do not solve the problem of abdominal fat wrapping the internal organs. For visible weight loss, you will still have to adjust diet and exercise.

In a nutshell! The right answer to your query on how to lose belly fat is: by very general or broad approach. Take care of what you eat, change your lifestyle, your eating habits, check your health status to receive a clear diagnosis, prevent chronic disease and get active. Regular movement, whether training or open air activity, is the number one promoter of fitness!

Trying Out The Best Aerobic Moves And Exercise

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Jul 012011

Tractableness, fitness and strength blended with so much enthusiasm and activities filled with lots of energy would definitely mean a path to good health. What if all these would come far easier and simpler than in an exhausting and brain teasing Karate or Kung fu?

Aerobics have been the front running choice of many individuals who’d like to keep up a good health while attending to their busy schedule. Many of aerobic moves do not require excessive building up or commitment like in other forms of health improvement excersises.  Due to this simplicity it remains as one of the most tempting fitness activities.

There are three major steps in aerobic moves. Namely, “warming up phase”,” extensive phase” and the” cooling down phase”. Warming up stage would include a several stretching exercises and some soft exercises to slowly warm up your body to the more vigorous next stage. It is here that you dream about what you want. You see what is in front of you and make yourself prepared to face the obstacles coming ahead and mean time turning the heat up in your blood to make them circulate faster.

The 20-30 minutes you are involved in the main course of the schedule is the most demanding. Objectives could be easily lost with the distractions from the outside environment. A common practice of aerobics is to keep up with a rhythmic music. More and more interest towards what you are doing will be developed with a high phase rythm of music. It makes things more and more enjoyable and also you will be more dedicated without even noticing.

Leaping, sliding and stretching your body make a complete highly intensified workout. These aerobic moves are not solely about exercising, but it goes with a rhythmic dancing movements. Unlike in other exercising activities, aerobic moves will make a natural enthusiasm by mixing up the rhythm of the dance with the music.

Regardless of the age group aerobics would suit everyone to keep up with a good health. With the good health it is obvious that aerobics will also bring a good figure which is heartening for many Americans who are gathering fat day by day. With numerous websites dedicated for aerobics, you can find almost anything and everything about aerobic moves, including the places to learn in your state. So put your step now to aerobics and live a happy life.