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Is The Fast Diet The Perfect Solution For You?

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Mar 012013

Hey, heard about the “Fast Diet” yet? Sounds like something worth looking into if you are a person who struggles with “will power”.


Dr. Michael Mosley – The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting


The Fast Diet also includes a calorie counter, full colour section, and a whole section of Fast 500 and Fast 600 menu plans which will enable you to incorporate this groundbreaking weight-loss system into your daily life.

Check out this video on the Fast Diet


Controversial ‘Fast Diet’ Instructs 2 Days of Fasting

British doctor who created the feast and famine weight loss plan says it can help you live longer.

This diet seems to be perfect for me because I have problems “giving up” my favorite foods. I am going to try this and will report my progress as I go. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: 04/29/2013

Well I can report that I have begun the diet journey using the Fast Diet method.  After doing lots of research and taking in everything I could find on this method, I took the plunge.  I can say that my first “fasting day” of 600 calories was not so easy for me.  I am a person who eats without thinking.  I  unconsciously find myself eating chips, candy,  leftovers, or drinking a soda  just because its there. Not because I’m hungry. So limiting myself to the 600 calories allowed on fast days was a bit of a shock. One good thing has been my wife’s willingness to do this diet along with me. So meal planning has been pretty easy. And as the book points out with its sample menus and meal planners, you can create meals with plenty of food but still meet the 600 calorie a day limit. Now this diet is not set up to lose a lot of weight quickly. It is made to allow your body to adjust itself back to a place where you are eating healthy and keeping off the weight you are dropping. And since you have 5 days to eat normally, you are not being forced to give up your favorite foods.  This was the reason I decided to try it. Will power is not my strongest attribute! So I have started to notice more room in my pants and the scales confirm the fact that weight is coming off. So All is good as of now. I will continue to update as I go along and see what happens. If you think this may be for you grab a copy of the book below, and give it a go!

Fast Diet
by: Dr Michael Moseley
publisher: Short Books, published: 2013-01-11
ASIN: 1780721676
EAN: 9781780721675
sales rank: 24
price: $9.59 (new), $9.59 (used)

IS IT POSSIBLE TO EAT WELL, MOST OF THE TIME, AND GET SLIMMER AND HEALTHIER AS YOU DO IT? WITH THE FAST DIET IT IS. This radical new approach to weight loss is the diet that everyone is talking about. It really is as simple as it sounds: you eat normally five days a week, then for just two days you cut your calories (500 for women, 600 for men). Scientific trials of Intermittent Fasting have shown that it will not only help the pounds fly off but also lower your risk of a range of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Dr Michael Mosley, the medical journalist whose BBC Horizon programme alerted the world to the Intermittent Fasting phenomenon, presents the fascinating science behind the 5:2 diet. Mimi Spencer, award-winning food and fashion writer, explains the practicalities of how to go about it. The Fast Diet also includes a calorie counter and a whole section of ‘Fast 500’ and ‘Fast 600’ menu plans which will enable you to incorporate this groundbreaking weight-loss system into your daily life.

The 5:2 Diet Book: Feast for 5 Days a Week and Fast for 2 to Lose Weight, Boost Your Brain and Transform Your Health
by: Kate Harrison
published: 2012-11-29
sales rank: 368

The 5:2 Diet will transform your body, your mind and your health. It’s the revolutionary part-time weight loss diet with lifelong health and anti-ageing results. This is the simplest, most flexible and most health enhancing weight loss programme you’ll ever follow – and with this book to guide you, you can start today. You’ll still get to eat all the foods you love but enjoy incredible health benefits, with positive effects on cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and more.

Intermittent fasting is revolutionising the weight loss world. Simply by eating significantly less for one or two days a week you can trigger incredible physical and mental changes that protect your body and brain from damage and help it repair itself.

And The 5:2 Diet Book – packed with tips, science, recipes, inspiration and case studies from over thirty dieters – will help you join the revolution to lose weight, boost your brain and transform your body.

And it’ll even save you money, with no specialist diet foods or supplements required. No wonder it’s as popular with men as it is with women – and with first-time dieters as with weight loss veterans.

Journalist and former yoyo dieter Kate Harrison has finally won the battle with her weight – now she shares the secrets that are helping thousands of men and women transform their bodies. The 5:2 Diet Book is your comprehensive guide to the wonderful world of intermittent fasting.
It includes:

• All you need to trigger the ‘healing’ mode that happens when you restrict your diet for as little as one day a week
• The incredible effects on your brain cells
• The transformation in the way you view hunger and food
• The cost savings you can make – saving pounds from your food bill as you lose them from your body!
• 5:2 your way – how to personalise the diet to your exact requirements and preferences
• Detailed meal plans, and simple but healthy recipes…
• Or ready-made suggestions for when you don’t feel like cooking
• Hundreds of real-life tips and success stories from men and women like you

This is more than another diet craze – it’s anything but crazy and it’s a lifestyle you’ll want to adopt for the rest of your life.

The FastDiet
by: Michael Mosley
publisher: Atria Books, published: 2013-02-26
sales rank: 84

Is it possible to eat normally, five days a week, and become slimmer and healthier as a result?

Simple answer: yes. You just limit your calorie intake for two nonconsecutive days each week—500 calories for women, 600 for men. You’ll lose weight quickly and effortlessly with the FastDiet.

Scientific trials of intermittent fasters have shown that it will not only help the pounds fly off, but also reduce your risk of a range of diseases from diabetes to cardiovascular disease and even cancer. “The scientific evidence is strong that intermittent fasting can improve health,” says Dr. Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences, National Institute on Aging, and Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University.

This book brings together the results of new, groundbreaking research to create a dietary program that can be incorporated into your busy daily life, featuring:

• Forty 500- and 600-calorie meals that are quick and easy to make

• 8 pages of photos that show you what a typical “fasting meal” looks like

• The cutting-edge science behind the program

• A calorie counter that makes dieting easy

• And much more.

Far from being just another fad, the FastDiet is a radical new way of thinking about food, a lifestyle choice that could transform your health. This is your indispensable guide to simple and effective weight loss, without fuss or the need to endlessly deprive yourself.

Slim Fast Diet Plan And Special Lifestyle Hints

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Apr 192011

* Nutrition and The Science of Food.

For the ultimate slim fast diet plan, food scientists and research dietitians spend their working lives studying how our bodies use food and how food affects health. They have learned that the human diet contains as many as 100,000 chemical substances. Of these, only 300 are nutrients.

Forty-nine of the nutrients are (essential nutrients) because they cannot be made by our bodies.. they must be obtained from food. Essential nutrients include vitamins, minerals, some amino acids and fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Nonessential nutrients can be generated by the body from other compounds if we don’t get enough of them in our diets.

Theoretically, you should be able to obtain all the nutrients you need from a healthy, balanced and easy slim fast diet plan. However, research shows that only 15 per cent of women and 13 per cent of men manage the recommended five daily portions of fruit and vegetables, not to mention the two portions of fish a week, or whole-grains.

* Our hectic lifestyles often mean skipping breakfast.

Grabbing a sandwich and eating it over the computer, keeping going on coffee, tea and cola, eating sugary snacks to keep us going then getting home to pop a ready meal into the microwave and knock back half a bottle of wine.

Even if you do manage to eat healthily on a slim fast diet plan, you may not be obtaining the RNI (Reference Nutrient Intakes) for some of the vitamins and minerals, not only essential for fertility, but for an every-day lifestyle.. like folic acid, selenium and vitamin D, I show more detail about other vitamins and minerals in another articles, but more importantly:,

* Folic Acid with Pregnancy and After that, on a slim fast diet plan.

As soon as the thought of having a baby enters your head start taking 400 mcg of folic acid a day. This is the one crucial vitamin supplement that you really need to take three months before you conceive, if possible. This is easy enough if you know that you’re going to have IVF at a certain time or your pregnancy is all to schedule. If you are just thinking about it, not really trying but not using contraception either, then you must still take it. In fact, many experts recommend that all women of child bearing age routinely take folic acid as a matter of course.

Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida and research has also linked folic acid with the possible prevention of other conditions such as cleft palate and heart defects. It is particularly important in early pregnancy as it is needed to make red blood cells and in the production of DNA, the genetic blueprint of a developing embryo.

* Couples tested for nutrient deficiencies.

Tests consistently show low levels of omega 3, magnesium and vitamin D. Food manufacturing and processing and long storage periods all contribute to the depletion in nutrient content of our food, compared to the levels of 50 years ago. This is where a carefully chosen, informed slim fast diet plan and supplement advice can really help. Now you’re ready to start looking at the other areas of your diet plan and lifestyle that will help you succeed in with a trimmer body.

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The Guide to a Slim Fast Diet Plan

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Apr 162011

A large number of people battle with weight problems for long periods of time. Some of them have difficulty adhering to their rigorous training sessions, tedious workouts and depriving diets. Due to fatigue or deprivation, some people end up eating too much so they never reach their goals of achieving a healthier and slimmer body. This common problem in achieving one’s desired weight has been solved because there is a new slim fast diet plan that is sure to work and give instant results thus giving solution to problem regarding excessive weight.

Using the Slim Fast diet plan, the first step to be achieved is to do things in a simple way. To achieve the desired weight without strenuous physical activities, the need to follow a healthy diet is very important. Low carbohydrate food with high protein is strongly recommended. It would also be preferable to take digestible fiber and small amounts of healthy fats.

A good Slim Fast diet plan is to say goodbye to 3 large meals a day that one is used to. If you divide your daily meal into small portions of say about 5 / 6 of your regular meal, your metabolism will certainly evolve in terms of speed. The higher the rate of your metabolism means the higher the number of fat and calories that you get to burn thus you get to burn excess weight and your goal will be achieved in no time.

Slim Fast diet plan a strategy works best if you use water as a way to control your calorie intake and appetite. Instead of drinking sodas and other alcoholic beverages, drink plenty of water. It will not only reduce calories, but it can also help clean your digestive system. If you want to lose weight without going to the gym or sweating, the Slim Fast diet plan proposes the best solution to your problem so you can track your progress and lose weight.

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Lorraine Richardson – Personal Trainer and fitness consultant to the stars.

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