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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Scam: Not Real?

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Jul 082011

Have you tried almost every online course you see on the internet about diet, losing weight or getting that sexy body you dreamed of? Have you spent too much on going to a fitness center? Have you lost your interest in choosing the nice clothes you always wished to wear? Have you been looking for that one effective health program that can save you from your desperate need to lose weight and fats?

Maybe now is the time to stop resorting to the wrong ways of losing weight and fats. The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle guide must be the answer. This is a 340-page book with information from the basic things you should know about the body, the mechanism on how it works, and how it gains/loses fats. It is not like the other products you see online that gives you a planned schedule of eating certain foods. It is an informative guide to helping you shed pounds and lose weight but gain muscles too.

However, the same information is provided to you, good or bad, about this book. That’s how it works for all courses, products or books online. The BFFM was not spared by that; there is the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Scam spreading around. Some people say that this book is just a way of putting a scam look real by faking testimonials. Also, others find the BFFM website crooked and faulty.

Well, here is a proof to rebut the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Scam. It is not a scam for one ultimate reason; it does not claim any misleading and almost-unbelievable changes from people. It works only if you have the willingness to try it and be patient about dedicating your time following what the books say. No scam can have such impact to people that it has even reached the media through magazines and TV shows.

Tom Venuto the author of the BFFM book is a real proof that this works. He is a body builder and even studied about exercise science earning a college degree. He must know a lot about the contents he wrote since he himself undergone training and knew more about the human body.

To add more evidences to convince you that it is really a legitimate health guide, some of its advantages are worth mentioning. Since it is a natural way of fat loss, it will not cause destruction of the metabolism. Using it does not mean over night results, it takes time, from reading to formulating your own healthy diet and weight program. This is a complete system that tackles about the body, sleeping, eating and exercising.

Well, here is a proof to rebut the burn the fat feed the muscle scam. It is not a scam for one ultimate reason; it does not claim any misleading and almost-unbelievable changes from people. No scam can have such impact to people that it has even reached the media through magazines and TV shows.

May 042011

The bestselling diet, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, opens by explaining and an overview of the causes why most diet programs fail. It shows this is due to the fact the human body is extremely receptive to changes and the metabolism swiftly adjusts to any adjustment in calories. This in turn quickly can make a lot diet programs ineffective. What can make Fat Loss 4 Idiots different from the vast majority of diet programs is that it addresses this problem instantly with the notion of calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting is a proven method that functions by rotating your protein and carb intake daily. This throws the body’s metabolism off its regular balance which then increases it.  This can make you lose pounds more quickly and for a a lot longer period. Consuming reasonably four times a day ought to kick start it. This process corrects and regulates your fat burning burning hormones enabling you to speedily and securely lose weight.

Right after sound methodology the 2nd crucial truth about Fat Loss 4 Idiots is that it is evidently supposed to be a diet regime that users can stick to. Having 4 meal times a day keeps individuals starvation pains at bay. The only guideline is to eat simply quick of being full. The diet regime follows an 11 nights on, 3 nights off schedule. This follows the diet plan’s philosophy of shaking up the regimen to increase metabolism. On top of that understanding there is a few nights escape at the end helps make the 11 nights all the a lot more easier. A lot of customers say they no longer even really feel like indulging throughout the 3 nights.

An vital part of this on the internet diet regime is the diet generator that will come with the e book manual. This device lets you input your favourite meals on your pc and a diet incorporating the calorie shifting procedure is generated for you to follow. There’s no longer any need to weigh foods or count and assess calories.

This is plainly supposed to be a simple, effective and, as the title suggests fool-proof diet plan. You can easily locate a Fat Loss 4 Idiots review on the net. There is a large amount of feedback and testimonialson the web from individuals who have tried it and this surely suggests that the diet regime does work. A sure amount of willpower is still essential as with all weight reduction programs. Dieting, though, is intended to be much simpler and a lot more effective with this diet utilizing the calorie shifting method.

Do you know the importance of the portion size in your diet?

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Feb 172011

We, as humans eat way too much these days and this is due to the fact that we do not know how to control the portions of food that we eat. Vegetables and fruits are something not many of us eat, as we prefer those cakes and pizzas although you can still control your portions with these fatty foods and have an acceptable waist.


Food is not scarce in many countries causing us to eat so much so that our bodies adapt to the portions we eat assuring that smaller portions will not satisfy us. It is not just a problem at home though, if you go out for dinner to a pub or to a fast food joint then they want to give you the most food possible so you feel like you got a good deal and will come back. That means the portions are huge and unfortunately we have tendency to eat everything that is put in front of us (especially if we just paid for it).


This means only one thing and that is that we will continue eating no matter what is on the plate even if we feel full shortly into the meal. Many people say that it takes about twenty minutes for your body to realize that it is full therefore you will only start feeling really uncomfortable after eating your very big meal.


So what can we do about it? If you want to be healthy you need to stop believing that you have to eat all of the food on your plate whether you pay for it or not. Eating more than what your body will need will turn into extra calories so do not feel bad if you leave food in your plate in the restaurant or at your friends house.


Make it a habit to leave some of every meal, just set aside some of it on your plate and then leave that bit. For the first few days it will be very difficult for you but once you are used to the idea of leaving food in your plate it will become second nature in no time. If someone gives you a plate of food that is too big for you, set aside the amount that you think you will not eat and only eat until you feel satisfied.


At home if you do the cooking then start to slowly reduce the portion sizes, I was amazed when I did this how small the dinner could be and still satisfy me as much as one twice the size. If you start to do this you can beat the bad habits that society seems to reinforce in us, and you can start to effortlessly manage your weight instead of having to go on extreme diets every year to lose the weight all that extra food you ate put on.



If you don’t have a diet in mind yet then check out this Fat Loss 4 Idiots review which takes you through what you can expect from one of the leading diets on the market today.

If you are struggling to find a good diet then Weight Watchers is one of the top diets on the market at the moment, have a read of this Weight Watchers review to see what you actually get.