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Finding Top Foods That Burns Fat

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Mar 062013

foods that burns fat is one of those things where the overall influence it has primarily rests on other factors.

We all want to look our best. However the chance of bearing to the gym on a daily basis is not appealing. Although we want to trim our waistlines, we hardly have the time to be spending at the gym to do so. One of the answers to this problem is to eat food that burns fat. There are many types of food that burn fat for you to pick from. This way you burn fat while still savoring a full meal.

Eggs are a type of food that burns fat. The egg white contains the vitamin B12. This is ideal for breaking down fat cells and will definitely help you to trim your waistline. Eggs are super full in protein which will enable you to conserve your muscle mass while reducing your fat levels. But you should always throw the yolk away as it could become quite unhealthy especially if you consume a several eggs in a day. Beans are another type of food that burns fat. Beans are full sources of protein and fiber. They also incorporate iron. However, not all beans are good for you. Kidney beans and lima beans are recommended. Also care to stay away from baked and refined beans.

I do hope what you’ve found out so far relevant to foods to burn fat, likewise also the info about dieting, is of assistance for your requirements. Now read on a bit more to have additional information for these subjects.

Oatmeal may not be the tastiest thing to eat. However, it is one of the best types of food that burns fat. Oatmeal reduces bad cholesterol while supplying plenty of fiber. However oatmeal must be eaten unsweetened and without adding flavor. If you need to sweeten oatmeal you should add some honey or fruit to it. Another type of food that burns fat is olive oil. Olive oil is one of the full fats that your body wants. Thence, you should not be worried about it. Olive oil is the queen of burning bad fat cells so naturally it will help you lose weight. plenty of individuals who want to lose weight stay on away from carbohydrates. But whole grains are great for you. Processed carbohydrates on the other hand, are what you should be staying away from. This lets in white bread, pasta and white rice. Fiber is the next best fat burner around. These foods help burn fat by maximising your metabolism rate. This enables you to burn fat at a smoother pace.

There are many different types of food that burns fat. Consequently, by eating these foods and exercising on a regular basis you can trim your waistline.

How To Lose Belly Fat With Foods That Burn Fat | Healthy foods : Diet.

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Jul 012011

The topic of how to lose belly fat with certain foods has been covered before. But here is my take on it; should you eat fat burning foods to lose weight?


You might be pretty skeptical of the whole idea to lose weight by EATING certain foods. Most people will tell you that the only way to lose belly flab is to STOP eating.

OK, OK there are some foods that you need to stop eating right away (I mean like stop eating them yesterday :-)). But the right foods can help your body burn away its fat stores. And this just isn’t possible by starving yourself.

Foods That Burn Fat – Do They Really Exist?

The nay sayers will tell you that there is no such thing as a food that burns fat. And that is because they take the phrase literally. In just the same way that there is no such thing as a magic fat burning pill or powder, there is “magic” food that will help you lose weight by adding to your meals once per day.

But what we do have is hundreds (if not thousands) of delicious, natural, satisfying foods that create the right hormonal environment for your body to burn away its fat stores in a fast and natural way.

Look at it this way. A car with no fuel is pretty much useless. Unless you stand at the top of a hill and give it a push then it’s not going to move very far! So you add fuel to make it move (and don’t we pay through the nose for it!).

But if you put the wrong kind of fuel in your car it never runs as efficiently as it should do. It will stall, backfire, feel sluggish etc etc. And it might not even run at all if you get it too wrong!

Although we take them for granted our cars have been carefully engineered to work in a certain way. And by making the wrong fuel choices we can damage this engineering and shorten the cars lifespan.

But if we get the fuel choice right then we increase the chance of getting years of faithful service from the car.

That’s enough about cars. Let’s look at our bodies in the same way. Our fuel is the food and drink we consume on a daily basis. Without it we don’t work.

When we feed ourselves the wrong kinds of foods then we can suffer from tiredness, a lack of energy, suffer illnesses more regularly and start to put on that dreaded belly fat. In our case the wrong foods are damaging our inner mechanics.

It is no coincidence that the more of these “bad” foods we eat the more fat we gain. And not only that, we can start to suffer from some very serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. The wrong foods are damaging our inner mechanics.

But feed us the right foods and our body works perfectly. We suffer fewer illnesses, feel alert and awake, and most importantly, enjoy a healthy lean physique!

On its own food does not “burn fat”, but it is the fuel that allows our body to burn fat, and keep it off permanently.

The Foods To AVOID At All Costs

While it might be pretty difficult to buy the wrong kind of fuel for your car, unfortunately it is all too easy to buy the wrong kinds of foods. Grocery stores are full of isle upon isle of foods that can lead you to store more belly fat.

Even a lot of the so-called “health foods”, marketed by the billion-dollar health foods industry, are actually junk foods that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

I’ve written a lot of articles about foods that make you fat. But here is a general list to get you started:

Fast foods

Deep fried foods – fries, onion rings etc

Foods containing or cooked in hydrogenated oils and trans fats – lots of fast foods and convenience packaged foods

Foods high in refined sugar – cakes, candies, soft drinks

Low fat “health” foods – always check the label for added sugars and artificial sweeteners

HFCS – High fructose corn syrup, a dangerous artificial sugar substitute

Diet soda – Artificial sweeteners cause you to store fat too

Refined “white” carbohydrates – breads, pasta, rice etc

You might notice a pretty common theme here – processed foods. If you were to remove all of the above from your weekly diet, would there be anything left?

Processed foods dominate the grocery store and dominate our shopping baskets. But processing removes natural goodness, only to replace it with artificial bad stuff that our bodies react badly to.

The only way to reduce the obesity epidemic is to shift our reliance away from processed foods.

Which Foods Should I Eat?

If you’re thinking that no processed foods means a lack of interesting food options then you’d be wrong.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of natural fat burning foods out there. So at the very least there are tens of thousands of combinations primed and ready to help you lose your belly fat.

Here is a general list of the food groups you’ll want to choose from. But as usual, there are more fat burning foods articles on my blog:

Free range, grass fed red meat – beef, bison, game etc

Free-range chicken and poultry

Raw dairy – unpasteurised, unhomogenised

Raw, mixed nuts

Fresh fruit and vegetables – literally too many to list

Free-range eggs

Coconut oil, palm oil

Wild caught fish


Unsweetened herbal, fruit, green, chamomile, oolong etc teas

Dark chocolate – 70% coco minimum And the list goes on….

So what gives? Some of the foods listed above have been classified as “high fat”. But this is just the health foods industry trying to push their junk down your throat. Natural fats are actually vital for fat loss.

There are tons of secret weapon foods hidden in amongst the broad category lists above. It is all about combining the foods above in a healthy, balanced nutritional program. You cannot survive on just 1 or 2 – everything needs to be balanced.

Food preparation is another key topic. It doesn’t matter how healthy your ingredients are if you cover them in batter and dunk them in a deep fat fryer.

I’d just like to make one last point to finish up; eating healthy doesn’t just help you look good, it’s good for your health and can lead to an improved quality of life too.

Before you make any weight loss blunders, check out David Thorpe’s website. He’ll teach you all about Fat Burning Foods and How To Lose Belly Fat the natural way.