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My Uncle Tom, His Diabetes and the Free Glucose Meter

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Feb 272011

Since I’d been a youngster, I remember uncle Tom as a man who loved to eat. No wonder that I can always recall him being a fat man.

Matilda, my auntie and his wife, often did her best to make him stop his bad eating routine, but I must say, she wasn’t very successful. At home Matilda did her maximum to prepare healthy meals which are low in fat.  Matilda always refrained from cooking desserts, unless they had visitors for dinner.

Alas, uncle Tom has a sweet tooth and in his opinion dinner without dessert just isn’t a complete one. Because of this, Tom took a habit of travelling to the supermarket to purchase sweets, or any “missing” items that his wife would not usually buy. Aunt Matilda would always say that when her husband opened a packet of biscuits, it was not the first time he used to eat the whole packet. Matilda does her best to manage her husband’s eating while in their house, though she’s not at all times successful. However she is not with him in the office and who knows which kind of foods and sweets my uncle eats during work hours.

Several doctors recommended he ought to shed weight because he was risking severe health complications, nonetheless all fell on deaf ears. When people give him the advise to shed a few pounds, it’s customary for my uncle to express to them to mind their personal business. My cousins (uncle Tom’s and aunt Matilda’s children) are also keen on sweets and sodas. What on earth do you expect?

However after a blood test a couple of weeks ago, it ended up that Tom has diabetes type 2. Initially uncle Tom could not believe the doctor but he got astonished and amazed when he realized that it was not a joke. His doctor was of the opinion that it was required to aquire a glucose meter. He told my uncle that a glucose meter may possibly also be obtained totally free by registering with certain websites. The doctor told him that just watching what food he eats might not be enough.

The words of the doctor had a horrendous effect on my uncle. My uncle has considerably cut down his consumption of sweets, biscuits, soft drinks etc., but he has been very sad as of late. One of the things my uncle still requires is the glucose test kit.

So I have registered for a free glucose meter. This would not make my uncle more happy however, there is not a lot more that I can do for him. I question simply how much would it require them to mail the free glucometer.