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Feb 112011

In part 1, we have seen that losing self rate and confidence is so simple rather than gaining it . In the second part we will see regarding gaining self esteem and confidence.

A changer’ id=’spin_1′ onclick=’ShowSpinOptions(1)’>friend of mine, again same thing, he doesn’t have a great self esteem and its show in his life.  If someone is having no self esteem in life, he will always hesitate to take proper decisions or will ask many questions or even he will search for some reasons, will always be negative, will analyze all the things in depth and will not have a will to take any small risk  . There will be few things that how you did anything and how did you performed everything  . Because if you are reluctant to take risk, even if it isn’t score, I want to take bigger risk and you are really a champ and you want to change and to do something you love take him and leep, there is a risk and if change loves you risk and it will be a big risk pending over your life and life is a responsibilities you have. But it also Trans into things like, imparting on a new use of goods and services program. If football is an exercise program and if snooping, you know, for exercise, new Fitter u fitness or football fitter u or iPod fitter u program as specifically the courses have its way.

But what happens is that when you are on left side, you don’t know about, you have never experienced it, you know what deeds is and what you have to reach, so you check for the testimonials or success stories of the people who are like you to achieve some results so that you can relate to them, you are looking around the handling forum, some people who have some experience, you are looking for reassurance and reassurance and reassurance, and this is just an event but I want to give you for all of your life. So life willing to take risk, because we don’t believe deep down its not the program that doesn’t work, it’s that we don’t work . And it is that ultimate feeling that, we are the one, we are not good enough to achieve that result and Get lean.

Around 98% of any type of program, whether fitness related will get their goals that they have mentioned for you to achieve it and the thing that is not working is you  , right? is you interior, up here. You need to think deep inside, you need to pull your self esteem, and you need to do the things that will take you out of soothe zone, experience new things in life, and take little risks and not the huge ones, little one that will take you out of comfort zone, building up your rapid experiences and use those as reference points, hey do you I did this, yes. This is going to build your self esteem, this is going to build your confidence, and this is going to help you move towards your goals.

So that’s it on the mindset side things and once again July 27th just around the corner, stay tuned for that, it’s a huge day, till then I will see you tomorrow’s video.