Diet & Health

Feb 122011

In the first part we have seen about the requirements of our body, importance of Spinacia oleracea and spear liner. In the endorse part we will check other products that are very much helpful for our body and when mixed with each other what resultant they will act on your body.

Thomas, this another retentiveness buzz this is also not the bad one, it is pretty pretty white, chip to hinny which is pretty much cause source can overall not be eminentest, lemon juice, sea salts, vinegar and garlic, so all this is a better kind of package that Thomas has been seen, usually made from scratch. But this one here, 4, 2 tablespoons 2 grams of protein and I used over 2 tablespoons of this stuff, for instances, veggies dipped it in and over here very very resource of, I just lost my plain pipe, this is resource of calcium, big. So, that’s to use in general. So Thomas, whose we call in a rancor.

  Black beans, plates are not packed well, black beans are simply awesome . I will have some of the black beans here and will love to stick to the taste of it . Black beans consists of high amount of iron, protein as well as carbohydrate . Very awesome stuffs, especially for vegetarians I will recommend black beans any day, such a resource of protein and other helping stuffs which is a healthy eating advice. I will keep this stuff opened only . at last, hemp seeds or hemp purse they call in, this is the container they come in . Ya, ok, per 2 tablespoons again, same helping? sizes of spear linear, 11 grams of proteins . Powerful stuffs, very very high source of omega 3 as well, which is really very very good .

You know, in this character is well, such good stuff. In this whole are whole fruits that don’t have minus side effects of meat and dairy and all that garbage from the animal kingdom. These are all great plant based food sources of great proteins and other astonishing nutrients. So, what I want to say is that you can totally get the protein from your vegans or raw food diet. In case if you are having good enough of diet which you have stuff in. Generally, this kind of rule of farm, it’s like, I depend only on the piss or the trends that is training football or body builder or in general 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body angle is pretty much all you need. So, I am 75 kilos 75 grams of protein.

So basically, I will like to work out to all this stuff to desegregate one day, so, I have 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds which I get, I probably use of 4 tablespoons of hemp seeds when I will do the smoothy so I have treble of that 22 grams plus I will add another 2 tablespoons of this and that will add 8 grams which becomes 30 grams just in a smoothie alone, ok. Just between these 2 adds to 30 grams of protein, that’s half of my daily intake in one smoothie. Not to forget all there is some stuff. banana tree, which Apparently has very very small-scale nut, which every fruit has proteins, fibers, carbohydrates at different percentages, small nut protein is in there. And that all thing throughout the day that brings some or the other things that brings in protein. So, I don’t understand like nuts and seeds, I eat fish occasionally, I eat meat, initially, I eat eggs you know, I am mad about hot raw foods as well is prepared with raw foods and more macrocosm with vegan is very very good for health and that is much I can do.

But again this goes really when, you know, mad for profession love nutritionist, love people who are backed by the dairy industries and farms, meat farmers and all like kind of garbage, that’s what we talk to belief. So, it’s unfortunate and I don’t want to offend anyone. The best way is to get this that you can totally go for protein and sustenance from plant based foods, alright.

That’s for the diet food today and I hope that I have answered your question and thanks again for spirit your custody for raw foods, wow foods from raw foods. And if you want information on this subject, I have already recommended checking in my e-book from my, you can download the e-book. Very very good source of all these stuffs, you can get recipes, all the information you need and you can get the best of all. So, hopefully you have enjoyed this video grab this stuffs and seem it’s really with black beans, Thomas and enjoy, I want to eat some more black beans because I am the black bean buck. I will see you in the next successiveness.