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ReBody – Hunger Caps With Satiereal Saffron Extract – 60 Veggie Capsules

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Aug 022012

Re-Body - Saffron Hunger Caps, Appetite Control Formula, 60 Veggie Capsules

Re-Body - Saffron Hunger Caps, Appetite Control Formula, 60 Veggie Capsules Rating:
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Hunger caps. With sati real saffron extract. 100% reduction in desire to snack. Breakthrough sati real saffron extract.


  • CONTROL CRAVINGS: Saffron Hunger Caps help quiet cravings to make achieving your weight goals easier
  • FIGHT SNACKING: Our formula uses saffron extract, a non-stimulant supplement to help reduce between meal snacking
  • PORTION CONTROL: One capsule in the morning and another at night before meals helps keep portion sizes in check
  • NO SWEETENERS: Does not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, or stimulants
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Re-Body is dedicated to creating dependable, research-backed products to help shape a healthier you

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Mar 302011

When you start to feel hungry then there is nothing better than having a nice meal, yet if you always give in to your urges when you feel hungry then you are probably going to eat far too much and gain a lot of weight. There are ways to help control your hunger though if you find you crave more food in a day than your body needs (the Eat Stop Eat diet is a good option). Here are a few tips to help you out:

Drink water when you get hungry – Apparently it can be hard to tell the difference between being hungry and being thirsty, so sometimes we pig out when in fact our body only needs a drink. So the next time you feel hungry between meals then drink a glass of water instead, if you are still hungry 20 minutes later then you probably are genuinely hungry so grab a healthy snack to tide you over.

Don’t have such large meals – By eating smaller, but more frequent meals then you are giving your stomach something to digest all the time and it won’t start gurgling to tell you that it wants feeding! It will also stop you pigging out with huge feasts for your main meal, because you will already have eaten something just a few hours before.

Chew your food slower – Your brain takes a good while to register that you are actually full, so if you shovel all of your food into your mouth as quickly as possible then you could end up massively overeating and feeling full and bloated. If you eat a lot more slowly and actually take the time to chew your food more then you will give your body more time to tell you when it has had enough food, so you can leave the extra food rather than trying to force it down. Chewing is not just for breaking up food either, it also adds enzymes into it to help it be digested, so you’ll find your digestion is better if you chew more.

Always take some off your plate – If you are anything like me then you have a hard time leaving things on your plate, you’ve been brought up to clear your plate so you do, even when it means you are full almost to bursting! The easiest way to tackle that which I have found is when you have a huge plateful of food in front of you then take some off onto another dish before you start eating and either offer it to somebody else, store it as leftovers, or throw it away. Then you can clear your plate of food without worrying about eating far too much.