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Some New And Interesting Gadgets

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Mar 042013

Hey guys, I came by this post the other day and thought I would share it with you. It showcases some interesting kitchen gadgets. Take a look.


E.A.T.: Kitchen Gadgets


I am not a huge kitchen gadget kinda guy. You need good knives, good pans, decent cutting boards, and of course good local food. That being said, there are two gadgets tucked away in my kitchen that see the light of day

Also an article on the top 13 kitchen gadgets. 


Top 13 kitchen gadgets – 225 Baton Rouge

Top 13 kitchen gadgets225 Baton RougeMany of you may or may not know, but I own the FreshJunkie restaurant, and though I won't refer to myself as a chef, technically I guess I am one. Really, I consider myself more of a cook. Semantics I suppose, but …

Did any of the "top 13" gadets make your list of must have gadgets for your kitchen?