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Weekly Meal Plan – Low-Fat Raw Vegan

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Dec 282011

Complex combinations of food and raw food recipes are time consuming to prepare and extremely difficult to digest, so I choose to keep my diet very simple. I enjoy a low-fat, raw vegan diet consisting mostly of monomeals, so the following meal plan may seem a bit bland for you. As you progress on your raw journey, however, you will appreciate and even desire more simple meals. Remember, be kind to your body—transition at your own pace.

Keeping your diet simple also allows you to spend more time and energy on other aspects of your life, such as fitness, work, and play. Many raw foodists spend enormous amounts of time in the kitchen dehydrating or sprouting this and that. Aren’t you relieved that you don’t have to spend so much time preparing meals or loads of energy cleaning your kitchen after you’ve used just about every food processor or kitchen gadget you have?

My diet consists of fresh, sweet, non-sweet, and fatty fruits, and tender leafy greens. Nuts and seeds are acceptable too, but I rarely eat them, so you will not see them in the meal plan below. I do not use salad dressings or condiments either. If you feel that you still need salad dressing, try this fruit-based tomato and mango salad dressing recipe: blend 1 cup tomato, 1 cup mango, the juice of 1 lemon, and 1 quarter cup of water (only if needed).

It’s best to eat according to what produce is in season. There are many produce charts available online or in books to help you make the best selections. The winter season is challenging as in-season produce is limited. Summer, however, offers an abundance of yummy options. Following is a one-week meal plan for the summer season. My calorie consumption is between 1,200 – 1,400 calories per day, depending on my activities and exercise for the day. Weekly, my caloric breakdown is approximately 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein, and 10% fat, following Dr. Douglas N. Graham’s 80/10/10 calorie ratio for a low-fat, raw vegan diet.


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 5 medium bananas, 2 *Ataulfo mangos, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)

–Lunch – 4 large peaches

–Pre Dinner – 2 cups pineapple

–Dinner – salad: One half head Romaine lettuce, 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, 4 stalks celery

* Ataulfo mangos are also called champagne mangos. They are small and apricot in color. When ripe and ready to eat, they will be a little soft, and the skin will just start to wrinkle.


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 3 medium bananas, 1 cup strawberries, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)

–Lunch – 1 honeydew melon

–Pre Dinner – 2 cups grapes

–Dinner – salad: One half head Iceberg lettuce, 1 cucumber, 2 tomatoes, 4 stalks celery, 1 avocado


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 4 medium bananas, 2 Ataulfo mangos, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)

–Lunch – 1 personal watermelon
–Pre Dinner – 2 grapefruits
–Dinner – salad: 1 red bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber (chop all ingredients) Eat as is, or add lettuce of your choice: Romaine, Boston, Bib, etc.


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 5 medium bananas, One half cup blueberries, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)
–Lunch – 4 large peaches

–Pre Dinner – 2 cups pineapple

–Dinner – salad: 4 oz. baby spinach, 4 tomatoes, 4 stalks celery


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 4 medium bananas, 4 fresh figs, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)

–Lunch – 1 honeydew melon

–Pre Dinner – 2 grapefruits

–Dinner – lettuce wraps: 3 chopped tomatoes, 1 chopped cucumber, and 3 stalks chopped celery wrapped in Romaine lettuce leaves


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 4 medium bananas, 1 papaya, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)

–Lunch – 4 large peaches

–Pre Dinner – 2 cups grapes

–Dinner – *Dine out for a salad and a Beefsteak tomato at J. Alexander’s. Salad: mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, one half avocado. Beefsteak tomato: plain tomato with a touch of fresh cilantro.

*For tips on ordering out at a restaurant, go to [], click on “articles,” and read “Eating Out and Staying Raw: Keep It Simple.”


–Breakfast – fruit smoothie: 5 medium bananas, 2 Ataulfo mangos, 2.5 – 3 cups water. (Blend)

–Lunch – 1 lb. Rainier cherries

–Pre Dinner – 2 cups berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc.)

–Dinner – 1/2 head green leaf lettuce, 4 Roma tomatoes, 4 stalks celery

Are you making raw food mistakes that are holding you back? Since there is so much misinformation on the topic of raw foods, I have decided to break the silence and personally share with you what I’ve learned over the years, all of the tips and information that will finally help you succeed on the raw food diet. To learn more about eating raw the right way and gain all of the benefits of achieving raw health, go to [] Sign up for my “Savvy Health & Nutrition Tips” and receive your FREE special report, Raw the Right Way. Also, click on the “coaching services” tab, and schedule your first appointment with me today.

Monica D. Siembor


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Aug 182011

If you’re looking to improve your quality of life health wise, then you should look no further than implementing raw foods into your diet . For one thing, energy levels are increased dramatically with the raw food diet. For another, raw foodists report noticably sharpened mental clarity starting about 1 week into the raw food diet. In this article, we’ll cover three ways that raw food can improve your cognitive function.

1. Removing toxins from your diet

When your body ingests cooked food, uninvited toxins are introduced into your diet and body . These toxins take a number of different chemical forms, the most common of which are called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). When food is browned on a grill or in a toaster, a chemical reaction takes place binding sugars and proteins together to create these toxins. When these materials get stuck in your system, they produce an inflammatory response. Consumption of these materials has been associated with aging of the skin, brain, and internal organs, along with associated diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. By eating raw food, you eliminate intake of these items from your diet. Mental clarity is increased because your body has lower levels of systemic inflammation. You can think of it as the difference between having a headache and taking an aspirin to make it go away so you can concentrate. Energy levels are also increased because of the diminished load on your liver .

2. Removing unwanted hormones

This point applies to vegans as well. When you eat meat, you are typically consuming food from female or castrated male animals . When you eat dairy, you are eating something that came out of a pregnant or lactating cow. Even if you are eating fully organic, hormone-free meats and dairy, at baseline you are still tilting your balance toward higher levels of estrogen consumption. Vegans and raw foodists often report increased feelings of relaxation, peace, and ease when these influences are removed from the diet. Mentrual cycles seem to take on much regularity and irrational behaviour surely becomes less common .

3. Increasing depth of sleep

When you eat meat for dinner and go to bed a couple of hours later, your body is still processing a huge load of animal protein . For instance, when you eat a big steak dinner and then feel like falling asleep, your body is mobilizing blood flow to the stomach in order to manage the digestive workload. When you eat raw food, your body is managing materials that are much more easily digested. You are also getting a much higher intake of fiber, which speeds digestion along. As a result, sleep cycles can deepen substantially. When I eat raw food, I enjoy a greatly increased restfulness of sleep, and I am much more likely to remember dreams on waking up. Because memory and mental clarity is largely formed during deep sleep cycles, stringing together night after night of clear sleeping can strongly improve your focus.

Let’s summarize: when you eat raw foods and follow a raw food diet, you take a huge load off of your system. This energy you once used for processing toxins or acting out the anxieties and urges of animal proteins can now be reclaimed and used for higher levels of productivity.

Mar 252011

Every human has skin covering their body and some have many problems with maintaining a healthy looking skin . We use special bathing gels and scrubs as well as creams to improve the look and condition of our skin. Your skin health is actually a very reliable indicator of how the rest of your body is health wise. One of the largest damaging factors to your skin health is eating too much processed and manufactured food .

One way of maintaining healthy, beautiful skin is by following a raw food diet . You will notice a change in your skin’s condition within a week and after a month the transformation will be amazing.

Moisturizers And A Raw Food Diet

One of the most common skin irritations cause by a poor diet is dry skin . Eating raw food will naturally moisturize your body from the inside out. This is mainly because raw foods have a higher moisture level than cooked and processed food. Cooking food causes a lot of damage to food and removes much of the natural moisture content.

The Look Of Your Skin

Because raw food helps all your organs perform better your circulation works more efficiently and your skin takes on that familiar healthy glow . When you eat more than about 50% of your diet as raw food your body will start to look and feel great and people around you will start to notice.

The Cumulative Effect Of Raw Food Diet On Your Skin Health

After eight to twelve weeks of following the raw food diet, you will truly notice its benefits and will wonder why you didn’t eat more living foods in the first place

. The natural goodness in raw food adds and adds to the body and there is a lot of medical evidence showing that you will have reduced skin problems by maintaining a healthy diet with a large proportion of your diet as raw.

Raw Foods – Can You Lose Weight On A Raw Food Diet? – A Nurse’s Guide | Weight loss.

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Jan 082011

When I first started eating raw foods years ago I lost 10 pounds so fast it at first worried me. It just dropped off! I quickly realized this was about the easiest way to lose weight imaginable and still be healthy! If you’ve tried a lot of diets and diet plans or are thinking about trying a new diet, one that is healthy, convenient and not expensive, then a raw food diet is your best bet. There are many diets and diet plans out there that are loaded with foods that are not healthy. Many include highly processed and refined foods and many include bad fats.

Diet programs can be expensive. Every year more and more people are coming up with new ideas for diet or weight loss books, plans, programs etc. They have to since so many ideas have already been published and marketed and many of those are fad diets and have gone by the wayside, did not work and some people actually got sick.

Raw foods, or live or living foods as they’re also called, are considered raw or uncooked fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Greens are really considered a new category rather than being lumped in with vegetables and along with fruits and other vegetables and are very important.

One of the most important things about losing weight is you want to lose weight in a healthy manner. You don’t want to get sick or hurt or suppress your immune system with bad foods in the process. A live food diet will eliminate that possibility since all foods that you put into your mouth and body will be healthy and will help you lose weight, heal you and help you.

One of the nicest things about a raw food diet for someone who wants to lose weight is you can eat a lot of living foods and still not gain weight. If you’re used to eating a lot of food you’ll find that it’s hard to go hungry eating fruits and veggies because you can just eat more and still stay healthy and lose weight.

You can plan your own living food diet with a little research. You can make a lot of simple raw recipes – many that mimic the foods that you’re used to eating. Spend some time looking around the produce department in your local groceries, farmers markets and health food markets and focus on foods you already know you like. Add a new fruit or two to start with and each time you shop pick another new fruit or veggie and call it an adventure. You’ll learn a lot about living foods in the process and find new fruits and vegetables that you love and have to eat more of. You’ll find the pounds and weight actually drops off fast like it did for me and many others. Yes, you can lose weight on a raw food diet.

Next for my raw food diet cure and secrets – how I used it to help cure my breast cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, digestive & sleep issues, headaches, pain, weight loss, etc. see a nurse/raw food expert’s and my easy raw food recipes

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