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Low Carb Diet Plan – Maple Walnut Cookie Crumble To Die For!

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Oct 182011

There are times when you just want a cookie. Right? The problem is you should never have white flour and sugar. Thankfully, there are ways to have something that has the texture and flavor of bakery items without actually having them. And these other things can be just as delicious if not more delicious and satisfying than what’s being replaced!

Some folks need time to adjust to less sweetness. Others like it instantly. At this point, I can’t stand anything that is very sweet. It just doesn’t taste right.

Try this cookie crumble. It does have sweetness. Just not a ton. I think you could surprise yourself! This tastes really good to a lot of folks right away, especially those that have started to eat foods that are better for them.

This recipe is for one serving. You can easily adapt it to be for multiple servings if you wish. I like making one serving at a time. It has only 4 ingredients and takes 2 mins to make. And its very crunchy and fresh when its eaten.

Gather these ingredients.

¼ C Kellogg’s All Bran

1 t chopped walnuts

1 t sugar-free maple syrup (I have used Vermont Sugar Free Butter Flavor Syrup)

6 Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Premium Baking Chips

Mix everything in a small serving dish (a monkey or crème brulee dish is ideal) for 1 or 2 seconds. Using a small spoon such as a demitasse spoon to eat this is suggested. You can savor every morsel!

It would be really good if you can drink a large glass of water (10 to 12 ounces) when you eat this. The fiber will swell and make you feel full and will be better utilized in general.

Nutritional Breakdown:

Item Cals Protein Carb Fat

¼ C All Bran 40 2g 12g(5g fiber).5g

1 t chopped walnuts 17.42g.33g 1.6g

1 t sugar-free maple syrup 3 0g 1g 0g

6 60% cacao baking chips 30.375g.5g 2.25g

Total 90 2.8g 13.8(5g fiber) 4.35g

When you have palatable choices like this, with time, you really can completely phase out all bakery items. For me at this point, I only have cake for significant birthday events and weddings. And I don’t feel deprived at all. You can get there too. You just have to start working with different recipes and adjusting them.

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Striving to Lower Fat Content? Look at The following Low Fat Baking Hints :- Heart healthy.

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Jan 302011

People understand that getting rid of of destructive addictions, primarily when our most desired foods are concerned are not simple to come up with. Getting this done will require many days of disciplined measures, dedication and willpower to change over to a reduced-fat recipe designed diet program. Many of us will buy into the idea that deliberate action and regular change is essential for long term improvement. Improvement of your healthy diet, life, health and fitness, eating and wellbeing.

To get you going, here are a handful of beneficial tricks for low fat recipes for baking:

Substitute shortening or oils in baking by any of the subsequent approaches:

– Change the amount and use pureed fruit and 1/3 of the oil called for in the recipe for the finest lower-fat recipe and healthier preparation process, without lowering the results.

This is an example of this calorie-eliminating low-fat recipe idea.

For example, say the recipe states that you might need 1/2 cup of oil or butter, margarine etc. , try out replacing it with 1/2 cup of apple sauce and 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of oil.

Apple sauce is and really should be a kitchen choice and choice as it is a good substitute for low-fat baking and low fat food preparation. It is a healthy option and excellent to have available at all occasions.

– Buttermilk is still another wonderful low-fat recipe staple and option. If your lower fat recipe calls for milk, experiment with using 1/3 of the oil called for with buttermilk. Be sure to increase the baking powder by about 1/4 teaspoon, to replace depleted volume.

Several other very good low fat recipe hints and success strategies are:

– Coat your baking pans with flour or corn meal to eliminate sticking — you won’t have the added fat and calories of shortening or oil. – Eggs are essential for taste and consistency, nevertheless if you reduce the yolks you are opting for healthier choices all-round. For low-fat recipe options, choose as per recipe three whole eggs with 1 whole egg and 4 egg whites. This will quite easily knock off 10 grams of fat in the process, without placing your end-product or quality in peril. – Switch some of the whole eggs called for with 2 egg whites. Each egg replaced with two egg whites will save 5 grams of fat. – Use good teflon baking cookware, cutting down the amount of oil required in cooking/baking, with wonderful results still and not sacrificing tastes.

Any time it comes to low-fat cooking, diet and nutritional programs, weight loss and even low-sugar type do and do nots, low fat holds a lot of hope. Here is why and how! One gram of fat has got double the calories of one gram of carbs. It is not difficult to see how the calories can easily start adding up over time.

Find a delicious low fat brownie recipe and other healthy baking tips.. This article, Striving to Lower Fat Content? Look at The following Low Fat Baking Hints has free reprint rights.

Healthy Dinners You Can Make at Home With Low Fat Chicken Recipes : Diet.

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Jan 212011

We’ve all had those wonderful moments at mealtime, where you’re blissfully eating away at the most delicious bite of heaven on earth… you take another bite… mmm… and another. Before you know it, you’re scraping your plate clean, then licking it clean (sorry, Spot, none for you today), and a feeling arises from the pit of your stomach, and it’s not from the dinner. You realize just ate something that’s only going away if you park ten miles from the grocery store’s front door. You can’t easily work this off by “taking the stairs” at the office tomorrow. We all know that feeling, and I’m here to help you avoid it.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you can’t eat yummy food! You simply have to know how to plan what you want to eat, then turn it into something that you can devour guilt-free. There are countless ways to make a meal healthy, so let me point you in one direction to get started. We’re going to explore low fat chicken recipes to incorporate into your healthy dinners. I would like to share three scenarios of how to change your life, starting with changing your recipes.

1. You are a one-dish mess sergeant. You plan to bake your family a casserole tonight because the shepherd’s pie leftovers are gone and enchiladas are in the Tupperware at your hubby’s office. I love casseroles, so I can totally relate to this, but, we all know that they are infamous for being on the higher calorie end of the spectrum. One of my favorite dishes is chicken enchiladas. This is a tasty that most of us have tried, and I’ll tell you how to make it into one of the low fat chicken recipes. Boil your chicken. You don’t need any fat to do this. When you need to add flavor to the chicken, use double amounts of green chiles! (BTW, if you’ve never tasted green chiles, then stop reading this right now, Google “chicken enchilada recipe”, and head off to the store. It is so worth it!) Finally, when you make the sauce, use fat free sour cream and low-fat cream soup. Now this is all assuming your recipe is similar to mine, but I think you get the idea. It’s okay to deviate from the script, while still having the ease of the one-dish meal.

2. You are a crockpot momma. I am not. But, I have had my share of attempts at the crockpot, and here is my most successful recipe. First, you must use skiness, boneless chicken breast or turkey breast, or this is a lost cause. When you crock pot meat, it tastes so moist and juicy because the food is simmering in its own fat for hours and hours and hours. We all know this can’t be good for our health. Here is the trick. Get a can of soda. Cola is best because I understand it is more acidic, and it is A-OK to be diet! So grab that diet soda or two and add it to your chicken in the crockpot. And last, add a flavor, like a bottle of salsa, some Season-All, some salt and pepper… almost anything. The soda will essentially tenderize your meat, just like when you put acid (i.e. lemon juice or vinegar) in a marinade. So… give it a try… no fat necessary.

3. You are a restaurant critic. Or you’d like to think you are. We all have our favorites. I can think of my favorite ten right now, and I was tempted to visit all of them on my last trip to my hometown, but no… I held back. I wanted to be a good example to my sisters, and I taught them one of my latest discoveries. The Internet. Well, I didn’t JUST discover this, but I told them what I had recently learned.

We have a favorite meal at a restaurant called Cafe Rio. They have a meal called the “Pork Barbacoa Tostada”. I wanted to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner… and snack. Needless to say, at our weekend party, I taught them how to make it. I had simply Googled a variety of words until I ran into the recipe for the pork. Lo and behold, this is where I had learned about the soda pop crockpot trick. We made the meat this way. The other unique taste in this meal is the dressing. I was able to find two recipes for it… one complex, and one simple. Of course, I used the simple one…. why not? FYI, if you’d like to try it, you mix a bottle of ranch dressing (low cal or fat free in my modified version) with a bottle of green salsa.

We were floored when we tasted it. It was perfect, and maybe even BETTER than the restaurant’s version of the salad. Alas, we were in control of our portions, calories, music selection… everything that makes the restaurant experience awesome was now perfect. So, let me just remind you that starting your journey to good health with low fat chicken recipes is a great way to go. It is simple and exciting to know you have made your own weight loss success!

Lisa Abercrombie is a mother of three boys who tries to keep her family’s meals healthy every day. Her husband has jumped on the bandwagon and helps her with ideas in creating low fat chicken recipes and healthy dinners for her site.

Pretty healthy Dinners

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Most Weightloss Programmes Are Mostly Run By Ladies, For Ladies.

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Sep 242010

More men are learning that training is a surprisingly effective system for losing weight. Up till fairly recently, there were extraordinarily limited decisions available for men. Most weight-loss programmes are generally run by girls, for girls. The very idea of attending a meeting full of girls debating their nutritional issues or having an embarrassing public weigh-in, sends shivers of horror thru lots of men. 3rd , it releases a steady quantity of appetite controlling nutrient elements, instead of all at the same time as with a tablet form.

Some of the people who require help jump beginning their diet may still wish to use diet aids that are in tablet form. There are at present some great ‘carb cutting’ and ‘carb control’ tablets out there that really will reduce the consequences of bad carbs on the body by stabilizing blood sugar and kick the body into fat-consuming mode by burning up existing carbs instead of storing them as fat like they might be routinely when consumed in spades. There are some glorious choices for that. More weight loss additions are using Caralluma as an active constituent for its efficiency. The fact the plant has been utilized for decades and is continued to be utilized by folks across India is testimonial to its safety. Caralluma use hasn't been associated with any unfavorable effects or any stimulator activities. In summation it is safe to say that Caralluma has made a robust beginning and only the passage of time will tell whether it might be the answer to obesity and its related unfavorable health effects.

& Don’t skip meals or starve. it feels like you would lose pounds by eating little but if you starve yourself your body conforms to this low quantity of calories quickly and slows your metabolic rate – bad! 3. Eat metabolism boosting foods. There are foods that keep your metabolism rate high and the bros share every one of them in their system. Some are lean proteins, whole grains, green tea and caffeine, pepper, spices and lots more. These are some fast recommendations from the Weight-loss Twins new Fast Action Metabolism System. & Exercise to super charge your metabolism. Exercise comes in numerous different forms and the twins worked out the easiest way to maximise their fat-burning from exercise.

They show the simplest way to do aerobicise, resistance exercise and the way to use varying concentrations during exercise for the best results. Using the tread climber your feet are free so that the sense of being strapped in is not there and you're feeling as if you're climbing a hill as you lose pounds. The one downside that many discover with this Bowflex Tread Climber is that you have got to get off the machine to change the resistance, unlike with a treadmill in which you click a button or utilise a switch to change the settings. The calories you can burn re a normal treadmill is sort of impressive. That minor detail alone doesn't stop ten’s of thousand’s of dedicated gymnasium users from utilizing it though .