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Sep 182011

Every mom wants the best for her kid and  as a dental marketing professional I know that to be true. You want your child to check healthy, grow proportionately, feel revived and have a fantastic immune system.  Therefore, why do most parents in America feed their children junk food by the time they start eating table food?  Why do most restaurants assist French fries or macaroni and parmesan cheese for side requests and not steamed broccoli?  It is absolutely a sad circumstance to watch young kids who are over weight.  Even schools offer peanut butter and jelly or frozen goodies for lunch. 

To ensure that your child will be eating correctly you must give food to them lots of fruits and vegetables.  But the secret is to make it delicious and also fun.  For instance, for breakfast, arrange a platter of fruit, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, they will adore it!  Make faces out there of the fruit.  Have them beverage only water and no sugar 100% fruit juice which you juice yourself. Cosmetic Dentist Anchorage AK advises everyone attempts to attain a well balanced diet.

Get them used to eating vegetables that are uncooked.  Whenever they acquire hungry, offer you small baby carrots, or even celery, they’ll grow to enjoy the taste only the way it’s.  You can expose a new plant each week as well as learn how to hide it in your food.  For example, chop upward Portobello mushrooms in a chopper and add it to the pasta marinade and watch them gobble it up, barely realizing the weeds.  Make blanched broccoli (plain) and eat that for dinner.  If they see you eating healthy, they will learn early on to consume that way.  Do not really let them take in packaged meals, such as macaroni and cheese, or fried chicken fingers, or perhaps anything toast for that make a difference.  Make sure that they will eat greens at every meal and stay careful when you are out to consume. Cosmetic Dentist Anchorage AK discourages pre-packaged food items.

Aug 182011

If you’re looking to improve your quality of life health wise, then you should look no further than implementing raw foods into your diet . For one thing, energy levels are increased dramatically with the raw food diet. For another, raw foodists report noticably sharpened mental clarity starting about 1 week into the raw food diet. In this article, we’ll cover three ways that raw food can improve your cognitive function.

1. Removing toxins from your diet

When your body ingests cooked food, uninvited toxins are introduced into your diet and body . These toxins take a number of different chemical forms, the most common of which are called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). When food is browned on a grill or in a toaster, a chemical reaction takes place binding sugars and proteins together to create these toxins. When these materials get stuck in your system, they produce an inflammatory response. Consumption of these materials has been associated with aging of the skin, brain, and internal organs, along with associated diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. By eating raw food, you eliminate intake of these items from your diet. Mental clarity is increased because your body has lower levels of systemic inflammation. You can think of it as the difference between having a headache and taking an aspirin to make it go away so you can concentrate. Energy levels are also increased because of the diminished load on your liver .

2. Removing unwanted hormones

This point applies to vegans as well. When you eat meat, you are typically consuming food from female or castrated male animals . When you eat dairy, you are eating something that came out of a pregnant or lactating cow. Even if you are eating fully organic, hormone-free meats and dairy, at baseline you are still tilting your balance toward higher levels of estrogen consumption. Vegans and raw foodists often report increased feelings of relaxation, peace, and ease when these influences are removed from the diet. Mentrual cycles seem to take on much regularity and irrational behaviour surely becomes less common .

3. Increasing depth of sleep

When you eat meat for dinner and go to bed a couple of hours later, your body is still processing a huge load of animal protein . For instance, when you eat a big steak dinner and then feel like falling asleep, your body is mobilizing blood flow to the stomach in order to manage the digestive workload. When you eat raw food, your body is managing materials that are much more easily digested. You are also getting a much higher intake of fiber, which speeds digestion along. As a result, sleep cycles can deepen substantially. When I eat raw food, I enjoy a greatly increased restfulness of sleep, and I am much more likely to remember dreams on waking up. Because memory and mental clarity is largely formed during deep sleep cycles, stringing together night after night of clear sleeping can strongly improve your focus.

Let’s summarize: when you eat raw foods and follow a raw food diet, you take a huge load off of your system. This energy you once used for processing toxins or acting out the anxieties and urges of animal proteins can now be reclaimed and used for higher levels of productivity.

The Essentials Of Choosing What To Consume For A Raw Food Diet :- Diets-that-work – Exercise.

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Jul 162011

One of the newest healthy eating regimes to gain more wide spread appeal is one that has a person eating raw food. Eating raw food means only consuming foods that have not been cooked or processed. Ideally they are organic. There are surprisingly many choices of food for someone choosing this lifestyle.

The appeal of this lifestyle is to improve health. It is believed that unprocessed food is better for the body. The food is not full of chemicals and extra hormones found in many processed meals. They want it as close to its original state as they can get it.

Believers in this lifestyle point out that people should have more alkaline in their bodies. This alkalinity will result in better health and weight loss. The foods highest in alkaline concentration are green vegetables. These also are some of the lowest in calories.

The raw foods that first come to mind are vegetables. It is preferred that they be organic. There is an endless number of vegetables available at the supermarket, local markets, and from organic farms. A person changing to eating raw foods has more choices in this area than they can imagine. Raw fruits are part of the diet as well. However, they are less preferred because of their acid content.

There are actually choices for raw meat for those who are not vegans. Among these choices is steak tartar. Steak tartar is steak that is uncooked. Other meat choices are having it cured. Eggs can be another protein choice. Critics of the lifestyle find the food safety concerns of this category alarming. It is also one of the hardest for most people to get used to eating.

Raw fish choices come more easily to mind. There are many types of sushi and sashimi that fit the bill. Cold smoked and cured fish are other possibilities. Raw fish is easier to find than choices for raw red meat.

Protein can also be found in raw nuts and seeds. This is especially important for raw eating vegans. A few nuts that come to mind are pecans, almonds, and peanuts.

Consumers of raw foods can also have dairy products. They can find proper milk, cheese and yogurt. The products must be non pasteurized and non homogenized. It takes some research to find a place that will sell raw dairy products.

One thing driving the popularity of this lifestyle is the fact that it is almost free of chemicals. You can also find support resources on the internet. These sources are full or recipes made with all kinds of raw ingredients. It is almost surprising how many recipes there for this lifestyle.

Many people start out slowly. They just try to make raw food an increasingly higher percentage of their diets. Over time and with more experience they are able to increase the percentage of appropriate foods that they eat.

Get inside information on the basics of choosing what to eat for a Raw Food Diet now in our Raw Food Recipes guide.

A Number Of Thoughts On Creating A Raw Food Diet :- Weight-loss-programs : Diet plans.

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Jun 172011

With all sorts of different options available to you, creating a raw food diet can be fairly difficult. Exactly where are you supposed to start with the different raw foods available anyway? As you begin to incorporate different foods into your diet and your meal plans become more varied and interesting you are certainly going to feel more energized and healthy.

At the end of the day, creating a suitable diet that incorporates all of the raw foods that you want to eat really isn’t actually that difficult. As such, consider a few of these tips and you should be well on your way to creating something sustainable.

Of course, the first step to take is to fully plan the diet that you are going to go on. Take some time reading about natural recipes on the Internet and try to build your own menu plan. Decide exactly what you are likely to eat on each day of the week to make your transition onto this diet easier.

Spend some time looking for sources of the raw fruit and vegetables that you are going to need in your diet. Find the produce that is growing as close to where you live as possible to allow for the highest level of freshness available. Try to find farmers markets in your area and even think about growing your own vegetables and fruits as possible.

It is crucial that you make sure the diet you go on is well-balanced. One thing that some diets might lack is a healthy level of protein and this is particularly the case if you are used to eating a lot of cooked meat. As such, make sure you supply sufficient amounts of protein into your diet particularly through things such as eggs and raw beef.

Dairy is also going to be important. Try to find somewhere where you can get local milk. You can use this on its own and also to create yoghurt. Look for raw cream as well as this can be used to make your own butter.

Certainly one of the problems associated with these diets is sustainability. If you do not spend time varying the different meals that you eat you might find that you end up slipping off it. As such, spend time looking at various recipes and develop a number of different meal plans to follow.

Foods with no preservatives and chemicals is the basis of the raw food diet. Looking online can give you many delicious and nutritious raw food recipes.

A Number Of Simple Tips On How To Stick With A Raw Food Diet :- Healthy-diet : Heart healthy.

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Jun 162011

While the idea of starting off on a raw food diet might be something of a fad right now, the idea of only eating raw foods has certainly been around throughout history. Today’s diets will not allow you to heat any food above 116 degrees, as cooking the food is thought to destroy all enzymes and nutrients that are helpful to the body. There is no doubt that staying with one of these diets can be quite hard, and therefore you should think about these tips when you are getting going.

It is very important that you fully inform yourself as to what sort of foods will be prohibited and which ones will be allowed before you start off on the diet. The information that you need can be obtained from all sorts of different sources such as books, websites, and generally by browsing through the Internet.

Once you know exactly what sort of foods you can eat and which you cannot, start to stock up on the raw foods that you need. It is crucial that you choose the right types of food to allow you to sustain a balanced diet, and therefore you need to focus on getting high-protein raw foods in particular. This is because meat and dairy is generally not allowed and this is where a lot of your protein will come from.

It is important that you get the right sort of equipment as well. Sticking with the diet is certainly more about just eating raw fruit and vegetables every day. You need to take advantage of such equipment as dehydrators, blenders, juices, and food processors.

With this in mind, you should also make sure you find a number of different recipes that you can follow. Variety is going to be absolutely crucial if you want to stay with the diet and therefore you should start gathering recipes that really get your juices flowing.

Of course, having someone to motivate you when you are having a tough time with the diet is also going to be important. As such, it would be a good idea to get a friend or a family member involved with the diet as well so that you can push each other forward.

All in all, these tips should really allow you to stick with any raw food diet.

Finding variety in a raw food diet is simpler than you might think if you do your searching online. There are many raw food recipes with delicious and nutritious results.

Information About The Raw Food Diet – Weight-loss-programs :- Diet food.

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May 222011

Many people are incorporating a raw food diet into their lifestyles today. This diet is becoming increasingly popular around the world, because it provides additional energy to the body and also helps people stay healthy and fit. Since most standard diets around the world have been degrading over the years, this type of diet is often seen as a blessing by many practitioners of the raw food lifestyle.

Many people choose to incorporate this type of meal plan into their daily lifestyle, because they know it will make him feel better and it will make them feel healthier. This diet can improve the way you feel on a regular basis, because it has been known to decrease the cholesterol and fat levels in many people. This diet has also been known to increase the energy levels of people as well.

Since this diet can increase the energy levels of a person, many athletes commonly take advantage of its benefits. Standard diets often consist of foods like meats and other processed products that can actually decrease the energy levels of a person. By consuming this type of diet though, you will be able to avoid the common drawbacks that are inherent in the meal plans consumed by most average people.

Before you can start eating this type of meal plan though, you need to understand exactly what this type of meal plan consists of. There are two different types of meal plans you can follow when adhering to a raw food meal plan, an extremely stringent meal plan and a fairly basic vegetarian based diet. For the most part though, raw foods are classified as foods that have not been processed in any way by manufacturing facilities or applications that cook foods.

Many people wonder why raw food diets do not contain any foods that have been cooked. Raw food diets do not contain foods that have been cooked, because cooked food often loses many of its nutritious values through the heating process. Cooked food is often depleted of its nutrients and beneficial components that can improve the health of the body.

You should also keep in mind that there are many different variations of this diet. Some people adhere to an extremely strict diet and avoid all types of foods that have been processed, but other people prefer to lean towards a standard vegetarian diet. People who adhere to this less strict diet often still consume processed foods, but they generally do not consume any meats.

As long as you approach the raw food diet knowing you should incorporate it into your lifestyle a few steps at a time, and you also understand that you can adjust the diet to meet your specific needs and physical requirements, you will certainly succeed with this meal plan. After you have incorporated this diet into your daily routine, you will likely feel much better overall and you will also be much healthier overall as well.

Learn about the benefits of the raw food diet today! The raw food recipes that you can find will meet your needs and requirements to help you to lose weight easily and quickly.

Examining Better Conditioning With A Raw Food Diet : Healthy-weight-loss : Heart healthy.

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May 222011

When a person goes on a Raw Food Diet they are eating foods that are uncooked or unprocessed. There are three different versions of this diet and many believe that this has many more healthier benefits than the foods one has in a standard diet. There have been many different studies made and there are pros and cons regarding its use.

Some people, adapting this life style, eat only vegetables, fruits, nuts, seaweed and other things of this type. Others will include eggs, raw milk, raw milk cheese and yogurt. It is well known that fruits and vegetables are good for weight loss as well as other health advantages, such as not bringing fat into the body which causes many problems related to one’s well being.

A downside of this kind of a diet is that there are certain nutrients not provided. In particular, it is Vitamin B-12 that helps prevent bone loss in the bodies. It takes complete dedication to maintain this kind of a diet, especially if one’s family is not a participant. This kind of dieting is often found at retreats and health camps where everyone is on the same page. Recommendations are made that this diet not be used by certain people, such as pregnant women.

For a person who has been raised on a diet using processed food, the change can often be difficult. However, those who have become dedicated to this diet say they have no problems passing up cakes, hamburgers and other such things even when people around them are partaking. Even when attending social events they say they are just particular in what they choose to eat and are able to stick to their diet.

This is a diet that is very hard to maintain if one is used to eating processed food. It takes complete dedication and the ability to divorce oneself from such things as steaks, cakes, drive-in food and other things that are a natural part of everyday life. However, those who have used this diet for quite some time report that they have no problem with this.

Not all vegetables are good to eat in their raw state. For this reason, anyone going on this diet should educate themselves before starting. There are warnings that certain types of greens, sprouts, kidney beans, rhubarb leaves and parts of potatoes can be toxic and make one very ill. In addition, vegetables can contain bacteria and/or parasites and should be prepared with the utmost care.

Anything that goes into the body is going to effect it in one way or another. A Raw Food Diet certainly falls into this category. Being acquainted with each food before it enters the mouth is paramount to avoiding problems later on. There is no doubt that one can lose weight with this kind of a diet, in addition some people state that it gives more energy, better skin tone and has other advantages but, is the body getting all the nutrients required? As with any kind of diet, if just starting, research should be done.

Choose the best raw food recipes by going online. There you will discover the raw food diet and how it can help you to feel better. Head online now and learn more.

May 202011

feeding a Raw food diet is essentially a way of eating that does not involve the heating of foods . There is loss of enzymes when the food is cooked above 118 degree fahrenheit , a vast majority of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and their all important life press.

The chemical properties of the foods is lost completely after heating up the food radically . For instance, heating an egg renders into a solid mass whereas it began in a liquid, jellylike. This occurs because the heat of frying or stewing denatures the protein structure within the egg, essentially making it more solid. As a upshot, this heated egg is now much more difficult for the human digestive tract to break down.

Another process that occurs with cookery foods is known as glycosylation. This is when sugar literally attaches to protein molecule. Glycosylation has been linked to the untimely breakdown of the body’s cell and many other wrong health conditions.

The human body has very little power to create its own enzymes, so having raw food diet can help your body to create more enzymes externally . Bear in mind that our bodies produce metabolic and digestive enzymes. The latter are used to breakdown foods whereas the former are essential to every single reaction in the body. But the problem is that we only produce a finite number.

When you eat cooked foods, you force your body to use more of its own enzyme militia to digest them. Overtime, this is just like continually withdrawing money from your bank account without making any deposits. Eventually, you will run out of enzymes!

Eating Raw foods helps in developing a good sound? and diseases free body. Due to raw food diet, the digestion system gets well equipped and flushes out all the waste material from the body.

Is a Raw Food Diet the Same As Vegan?

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Apr 192011

A raw food diet and a vegan diet are two ways to eat healthier and feel better. But are the two diet options the same? There are some differences and some similarities to both the raw and vegan diets, yet both are great options for becoming a healthier person.

Technically, the raw food diet is one form of veganism. Both styles of eating avoid animal products entirely. Meat, eggs, cheese, and honey are common food that both a vegan and a raw foodist would not eat. However, there are some differences between the two lifestyles.

In a raw food diet, a person chooses to eat uncooked foods in their natural state. The typically means fruits, vegetables sprouts, and nuts. Some people may choose to include raw, or unprocessed, dairy products to their meals; however this is not typical and generally discouraged.

A raw diet is just as the name implies. Foods are eaten uncooked to preserve their maximum nutrition and live enzymes. A vegan diet, on the other hand, may be cooked or not. There are several foods, such as pastas, that a vegan may enjoy yet a raw foodist would not. They believe that cooking foods not only kills the healthier parts, it also makes it harder for the body to digest properly.

The differences between the two food choices is slight, yet important. While some may argue over which eating choice is really the healthiest to make, for most people both styles are great options to make when thinking about eating healthier.

Eating raw foods is a great weight loss plan, but sometimes hard to follow. For more information visit and learn how you can eat raw for your health.

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Apr 032011

There is an oft-held perception about the raw food diet that you are going to have to deprive yourself of a lot of different and important areas of a healthy diet, and if you are the athletic type, number one on your list of concerns is likely protein.  Your athletic goals will suffer great problems without a solid dietary supply of protein . But fear not, there are plenty of ways to eat raw, get the protein you need, and keep your sporting engine running at maximum capacity.


 Most people this of nuts as a specific food to consume when describing a raw food diet  . No matter what variety of nut you choose, there is plenty of protein to help build a healthy body. If you want to include more nuts in your diet, it is relatively simple to do. Most people enjoy a handful of nuts as a handy snack, but they can be turned into a milk to be mixed into a morning smoothie; crushed to make a great addition to any salad; or ground down and dried to make great raw breads and crackers.


Salmon might not be a food item that you would consider when you talk about raw foods in the first place , but remember that there are two great options to eat salmon on a raw diet. If you want to eat it completely raw, you can consume it as a sushi or sashimi. If you select a more firm texture for your meats, you can consume salmon as a cold-smoked food. Either way offers great taste, some highly proficient fatty acids, and of course, a great source of protein. If you want to add more salmon to your diet, you can make raw crackers and a “cheese” ball, and have a scrumptious and high-brow snack when company comes over.


 Another food group that people really don’t think about when discussing raw foods is beef  , but there are a number of raw options for beef that allow you get the flavor and the protein of red meat, without resorting to the disconfirming effects of cooking it. Many people enjoy raw ground beef with a liberal dosing of lemon juice to “cook” the meats chemically rather than with heat; another option is to consume it as a thinly-sliced Carpaccio. Of course, many people chose to not consume any animal products or by-products, so this option is not perfect for everyone.


 Another overlooked amazing source of protein in a raw food plan are sprouts  . Sprouts can be fully grown from alfalfa, broccoli, chick peas, wheat and many other food items. Special care must be taken when eating sprouts, as nearly every grown food can be sprouted, but not every sprout should be used-up(a) by people. Check before you try to grow your own sprouts. Also, there are concerns regarding E-coli contamination with sprouts, which means that extra caution should be taken when purchasing, growing, handling and storing your sprouts.