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GURU Lite Natural Energy Drink Sweetened With Stevia, 8.4 Ounce Can (Pack of 24)

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Jul 052014

Guru Lite Natural Energy Drink Sweetened with Stevia , 8.4 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 24)

Guru Lite Natural Energy Drink Sweetened with Stevia , 8.4 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 24) Rating:
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Extra calories are always on our minds for some more than others. That’s why we created guru lite energy drink, the low calorie version of guru original. It’s now possible for everyone to enjoy guru's efficacy, its 100 percent natural ingredients and unique taste, without having to worry about unwanted calories. Maybe now we can have dessert once in a while. In the mid 90's, we decided to put our hectic urban lives on hold and run full speed ahead with a wild idea we’d been brewing for a while. During our travels in Europe and Asia, we noticed and started using energy drinks. We shared a vision: how could we keep up with our crazy schedule, and still have a healthy lifestyle. Why not create something totally unique that answers this need, we thought. After weeks of brainstorming, the idea gradually became a tangible concept, which we developed in our spare time over the following year. We wanted to create the ultimate drink: powerful and healthy, something that could keep us going, and going man, it should be the guru of all drinks. The name fit perfectly, the guru concept was born.


  • Pack Size - Contains 24 - 8.4 ounce cans
  • GURU Lite is a great-tasting low-calorie energy drink crafted with natural & organic ingredients
  • Low-Calorie & Sugar-Free - Sweetened with Stevia, GURU Lite only contains 10 calories per can
  • GURU Lite is certified USDA Organic, Gluten-Free & Vegan
  • No preservatives, no taurine, no artificial caffeine, no artificial flavors or sweeteners

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Why It Is Important To Have No Carb Desserts For Diabetics :- Exercise plans :- Diet.

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Apr 092011

The answer to the question- are the no carb desserts for diabetics good for everyone? is yes. Many people have a sweet tooth and can tolerate high sugar content in their diet, but diabetics cannot process the glucose in the same way. So they need to replace the high glucose content which comes from carbohydrates, in order to remain healthy. It does mean that they can indulge in puddings and cakes occasionally.

Glucose comes from the carbohydrates that our food contains. Diabetics do not produce enough insulin to transport the glucose into the cells and the resultant build up of glucose in the blood, is what causes the condition. Or they can produce enough insulin, but it just does not work.

The good news is that diabetics can still eat puddings and cakes. The recipes just need to be adjusted to remove the high carbohydrate ingredients and replace them with alternatives. For anyone who does not like experimenting there are hundreds of suitable recipes to be found on the internet. Or a visit to the local library or book store should turn up some excellent cook books.

Sugar is one of the main ingredients that needs to be replaced in recipes. There are several sugar substitutes available that may be used in baking and cooking quite successfully, such as stevia. Using high fiber ingredients such as fruit and whole grains instead of the traditional flours is a good way to produce the carbohydrate content. It is possible to adapt recipes and by using spices desserts remain tasty but healthy.

Controlling portion size is as important as controlling the ingredients when helping to maintain a low carbohydrate intake. When a good balance has been achieved, glucose levels are controlled at an acceptable and healthy level.

Serious health complications can arise if a diabetic fails to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. The same can be said for everyone. It does not mean that we cannot enjoy the odd indulgence, it just means that it should be in moderation. For those with a sweet tooth trying some of the recipes for no carb desserts for diabetics, may help to control out cravings for high carbohydrate puddings.

George Napoli CEO of Yum Drops Flavoring knows all about using natural sweeteners in baked products. He has been researching the benefits of stevia for weight loss and diabetics for years. Natural sweetener is behind the concept for his line of flavor concentrates with 0 calories. Natural liquid sweetener is another popular product they market as well.