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The Best And Worst Foods For Fat Loss

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May 032011

Making the right food choices needs careful planning. Sometimes, because we cannot control our food preferences or the situations we find ourselves in, making healthy choices can be a challenge. Our best intentions will be put to waste in the absence of careful planning. You can’t just categorize food into black and white. In terms of quality, they can be poor, mediocre, good and excellent. Grading your food choices require that you know what it is made of and the package it arrived in. Was it Mother Nature who made it herself or the head baker at your local deli? For fat loss, it would be best to still choose foods which are natural. Foods which are tampered the most seem to be the worst.

Foods which are almost in their natural state are still the best for fat loss. Nutritionists tell us that there are four categories for the food groups. These are breads and grains, dairy, meats and fruits and vegetables. For fat loss purposes, breads and grains can be further divided into starchy, fibrous and simple carbohydrates. Meats should be narrowed down to lean proteins. Dairy are subdivided into low fat and non fat. Whole milk would preferably be eliminated because they have a high amount of fat. Good fats are entitled to a new category.

There are twelve staple foods that should be included in your fat loss nutritional plan. Carbohydrates include oatmeal or other whole grain cereals, yams or sweet potatoes, white or red potatoes, brown rice and whole wheat or whole grain products. Protein sources include chicken or turkey breast, egg whites, lean, red meat, fish and shellfish. Dairy products should be low fat or non fat. Milk, yogurt and cheese should only contain a minimal amount of fat if it should be included in your best foods list. As much as possible, fruits and vegetables should be close to its natural state.

Because of the fat storing capabilities, 12 foods are also named as the worst foods. Regular ice cream tops the list because it combines high amounts of fat and sugar. Most of the foods on the worst list have high amounts of sugar and fat which can seriously sabotage your fat loss plan. Doughnuts, pastries, candies and chocolates are expectedly included in the list. Hot dogs, fast food burgers, bacon and sausages are very poor protein sources. The list also includes soda, sugary drinks and cereals.

People always start with the best intentions but the more foods are tampered with, the worst it becomes. Only the most basic and necessary processing to make the foods fit for human consumption should be applied. Foods are best if they are as close as possible to their natural state. The farther we deviate from natural, the more detrimental it is for our fat loss efforts and total health.

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Bowflex Revolution Reviews – A “Must-Read” Review of the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym :- Diet food.

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Feb 142011

If you’re like the millions of Americans who have seen those fancy Bowflex infomercials on TV you’ve probably wondered whether they really work. They make working out look so exciting! My story is probably all too familiar. I was your typical over weight, out of shape, middle aged guy who had no control over his eating habits and lifestyle. I had grown fat and lethargic, spending my time watching TV, while devouring heaps of junk food. I was at a low point in my life and had let myself go physically and emotionally.

It was not until I saw one of their well produced infomercials that I became inspired to take control! I had grown sick of wearing sweatpants and not being able to fit into the clothes I liked. I wanted to be proud of my body, not disgusted! After much deliberation I decided to take their 6-week challenge. If I was not 100% satisfied with my results in 6 weeks, I could return it for a complete refund, no questions asked. So here begins me exciting review of the Bowflex Revolution home gym and what it has done for me, and more importantly, what it can do for you.

Your First Bowflex Workout:

My Bowflex Revolution arrived at my door within 2 weeks as promised. Setting up took about an hour. Nothing too crazy here. The instructions are easy to read and clearly written.The first few workouts on my new Bowflex home gym took a little getting used to. What makes the Bowflex Revolution so unique from other fitness equipment is the use of Spiraflex. This is a patented resistance technology that uses an elastic wrapped around a coil to produce highly controlled, natural feeling resistance to create the feel and fast results of free weights. Pretty cool I must say. So does it really do as it claims?

Bowflex Results Explained:

Well, I wouldn’t say it feels exactly like free weights. However, the results from my workouts have been totally blown me away. The Revolution is the real deal. When you perform a movement on the Revolution, the machine apples constant resistance throughout the exercise. In essence, the Bowflex challenges you from the very beginning and to the very end of muscle contraction. And since it applies even tension, you get an incredible pump after every workout. And it doesn’t end there. Due to the controlled and restrictive nature of the exercises (don’t worry you can do a lot of exercises), you are trained to use strict form for faster, better gains. Each rep is performed with maximum results. You won’t be able to sway your body and cheat like you could with free weights.

What I Really Like About The Bowflex Revolution (Benefits):

o Tons of versatility with 100 exercises and 400 variations

o Able to work any body part and cure problem areas (i.e. – lower back, abs, arms, etc)

o Very effective at isolating different muscle groups for increased definition and development.

o Totally quiet. No heavy weights clankin’ around.

o Can workout in the privacy of your own home. No more waiting in line at the gym.

o 6-week guarantee if your not 100% satisfied, no questions asked, makes it risk free. (you still have to pay for shipping)

Couple Of Things To Improve:

o More weight. It maxes out at 280 lbs, which is fine for most people. I’m pretty strong and would love it if you could throw on another 100 lbs. You can always supplement your training with free weights if you need more.

o Machine is heavy. I guess this is expected.

o No decline bench.

Ok, So Here’s The Bottom Line:

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is, hands down, the best home gym I have ever used. No other home gym comes close in terms of quality, effectiveness, and versatility. Forget Weider, and Total Body, and Soloflex. Bowflex really understands strength training better than anyone else in home fitness. Anybody can get in shape with this gym. Now I can understand why they sold 10,000 of these units. They work. I’ve been using mine for 4 months and and can now fit back into my old clothes with ease. I have finally regained control of my weight and the way I look. I have developed a nice six pack not seen since high school! The best part is I actually look forward to working out. It’d no longer a chore like it’s been with other machines. Staying in shape is something I enjoy and can do in the privacy of my home.

If your looking for a highly effective and versatile home gym you’ll want to definitely check out the Bowflex Revolution. And since they offer a 6-week money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

For the best deals and a FREE 6-week workout program proven to build muscle go []

Mark Alexander is a bowflex owner and father of 2 boys.

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Product Review of the Nautilus Bowflex 552 SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells | Weight loss.

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Feb 132011

The Nautilus Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells are probably the best “dial dumbbells” today. The basic set comes with a base unit to hold the weight plates and the “core” of the adjustable dumbbell, but there is a separate dumbbell rack available. These quick change dumbbells from Bowflex come with a 2 year warranty on parts, 5 years weight plates and 1 year warranty for labor.


Just shy of 16 inches in length, these dumbbells are pretty long. Unlike the PowerBlocks or Ironmaster, the length of the dumbbells remains the same regardless of the weight you select. This can be awkward and might take some time to get used to since the dumbbell is very long, even at 5 lbs.

The weight on the Bowflex dumbbells can adjust from 5lbs to 52.5lbs. Because of the maximum weight of only 52.5 lbs, you might be better off with the PowerBlock Elite Set or the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell set if you plan on building huge muscles and getting super strong (the maximum weight on those dumbbells is about 120-130lbs).

How it Works

Basically, you turn a dial on the SelectTech Dumbbells to the weight that you want until you hear a clicking sound, and you’re set. Once the weight plates are locked in, simply lift the dumbbells from the base and you’re good to go. You’ll need to dial the knob on both ends of the dumbbell to alter the weight, however.

For example, if you wanted to us 30 lbs for each dumbbell, what you do is adjust the knobs on each dumbbell so that “30 lbs” is selected. In total, you’ll need to adjust the knobs 4 times. The weight change process is pretty fast (only a few seconds), so it’s not that tedious.

There are 15 weight settings for this dumbbell, ranging from 5-52.5lbs.

The “Off Set Weight Selection”

Now here’s where you’ll need to do some math.

But before we get into that, tradition dumbbells are symmetrical. Meaning, the weight is balanced with equal weight on both sides of the dumbbell.

With the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell, you can set one side of the dumbbell heavier than the other.

Now back to the Bowflex dumbbells, let’s say you wanted to use 25lbs with one side heavier than the other. Simply adjust the knob to 30 lbs on one side of the dumbbell, and on the other side to 20 lbs.

The total weight is 25 lbs, BUT, one half of the dumbbell is 15 lbs, and the other half is 10 lbs.

But note that after you’re done your set, you’ll have to return the adjustable dumbbell back to the base in the same position that you removed it (the weight plates have to settle back into slots of the base).

The offset weight option might be good or bad for you, depending on how you view it. Personally, I prefer symmetrical weight on both ends of the dumbbell, but there are advantages to unsymmetrical dumbbells. If you’re doing exercises like a dumbbell curl with a dumbbell one side heavier than the other, you’ll work your bicep in a different way than symmetrical dumbbells.

You’ll get variety with the adjustable Bowflex dumbbells that tradition dumbbells can’t provide.


Although the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell is good, there are some down points as well. Here’s a summary of the Pros and Cons of these dumbbells:


o Easy and quick to change to your desired weight

o Unrestrictive dumbbell handle-allows you to perform all the exercise you can do with regular dumbbells

o You can add a new dimension to your workouts with the offset weight selection feature

o Does not take up much space (replaces 30 dumbbells)

o VERY slick looking dumbbell weight sets


o A little pricey for these dumbbells

o For all you bodybuilders and serious weight lifters, the maximum weight of 52.5 lbs for each dumbbell is probably considered a warm-up weight for you.

o You can’t upgrade the weight of the dumbbells

Overall, these dumbbells are great if you’re not a bodybuilder or a serious weight lifter, but if you want free weights and if you don’t mind the price, the Nautilus Bowflex 552 SelectTech dumbbells are a good buy. If you know that 52.5 lbs is too much for you to handle, then the Bowflex SelectTech 220 model (which adjusts up to 20lbs at 2.5 lb increments) may be more suitable for your needs.

About The Author John Phung is a certified personal trainer and writer for, providing information about adjustable dumbbell weights, PowerBlock dumbbells, and more.

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A Bowflex 552 Dumbbells Review – Diet plans.

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Feb 122011

Bowflex is one of the most well known brands in the home fitness industry. Originally put on the map for the all-in-one strength training machine which was first designed by an engineering student, the company was officially launched in 1986. Since then, the company was bought out by Nautilus and now puts out several bestselling home fitness products including the TreadClimber, Bowflex Home Gym, and the Stairmaster. One of the newer offerings from the brand is the Bowflex 552 Dumbbell.

When you use the Bowflex 552 Dumbbells you won’t have a use for any other dumbbell! Rather than having a whole collection of weights, you can now replace them all with this one set of dumbbells which is the equivalent to 15 individual dumbbells! The simple dial design allows you to change from one weight to another with a fast dial change. You can go from 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds in one swift movement, which makes rotating between movements and sets extremely efficient. This also means you can share the dumbbells with someone else, rotating between their required weight and yours quickly. Get rid of all your other dumbbells and save tons of space by bringing this one product into your home gym!

Yet, if saving space isn’t your main concern then there are some reasons you may prefer standard set of dumbbells over the Bowflex 552 dumbbell set. If you thought that combining a full set of sixteen dumbbells into one product would make it rather heavy and difficult to handle, you are right. These dumbbells do have more bulk and can be more difficult for some users to operate, but that is a fact that comes with the innovative design. Since the retail price for this set of dumbbells is about equal with what you will pay for any other high quality dumbbell set, you should only go with this bulkier product if the space saving design appeals to you or you want something bulkier and heavier.

Before you purchase the Bowflex 552 dumbbells, try to get your hands on a real set and try them out first. This is the only way to know whether you are going to be bothered by the extra bulk of the design or not. While many consumers find that the price is reasonable for the unique design and the bulk is not a big issue, others find that they do not have accurate body alignment due to the bulk and their workouts suffer as a result. The only way to know for sure whether you can handle this design and benefit from the space saving design is to hold them and test it out firsthand.

Following will be some basic tips on using the Bowflex 552 dumbbells effectively, though you will still need to read the instructions cover to cover if you decide to make this purchase. Let’s end with some tips which will give you some insight into how to use this product to its full potential.

No strength training workout is going to be effective without consistency. You have to start at a weight limit that is comfortable for your current level of fitness and strength and gradually increase to the higher weight limits as you improve. There is an effective workout plan that comes with the Bowflex 552 dumbbell purchase, or you can use them for your own workouts. The trick is to stick with the weight that benefits your body and only move up to higher weights when your body is ready for it. That is how you make the most effective use of this unique product.

Ahmed Bushra helps with a Bowflex 552 Dumbbell Review Site that educates consumers about different types of Bowflex 552 Dumbbells and much more.

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Feb 112011

The Bowflex Revolution XP Home Gym is the top of the line fitness machine from Nautilus. Choosing exercise equipment can be a difficult decision and Bowflex has garnered a lot of the attention with their infomercials. So you may be wondering, “does the Bowflex really work?”The sad truth is a lot of these infomercial products are gimmicks and don’t work. So is Bowflex any different?

About the Bowflex Revolution XP:

The Revolution XP home gym is what Bowflex claims to be a total body fitness machine that features 90 exercises and nearly 400 variations. Bowflex coined the term Spiraflex to describe the underlying technology – but to me, this is just a fancy way of saying cable machine. With all those exercises you would expect a gym quality workout right?

Bowflex Workouts Are Different:

First thing I noticed is working out on a Bowflex takes a little getting used to. Unlike free weights, the Revolution XP restricts your from making it difficult to cheat. Doing a curl with dumbbells is a lot different than on a home gym. With the former, it’s very easy to swing your shoulders and cheat. With the Revolution XP, there is no momentum and you are forced to use the correct form. Good form helps a lot in building quality muscle – something I haven’t found on other home gyms.

Using the Bowflex Revolution XP:

As with any piece of workout equipment, you must adhere to a strict training schedule for the best results. The XP will not magically transform your body and change your life. But, with so much versatility and exercises to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Reasons Why I Bought The Revolution XP:

  • I like working out in the comfort of my home.
  • Can perform a ton of exercises so I can keep my workouts fresh.
  • I wanted all my favorite gym exercises in one machine.

For the best deals and a FREE 6-week workout program proven to build muscle go

Mark Alexander Pommett is a father of two and avid Bowflex user.

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Comprehensive Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill Review – Healthy diet.

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Feb 102011

Bowflex is synonymous with home gyms. However, since wading into the home gym marketing, they also started selling treadmills. This article is a Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill review setting out some of the key features of this treadmill.

Running Tread Deck Size

20″ x 60″. My preferred running deck size is 20″ x 60″, but I’m 6′ 3″ tall with a long gait. The downside to a longer running deck is the space it takes up in your home. That said, the Bowflex Series 7 is a folding treadmill which saves space.


3.0 horsepower continuous duty motor. Again, given my size and the fact I like running, I’m partial to 3.0 hp motors. The downside is the more powerful the motor, the louder it is. You’ll find that more and more treadmills on the market these days feature a 3.0 hp motor.


.5 to 11 mpg /.8 – 17.7 km/hr. Fast enough to accommodate a fairly demanding runner. Some sprinters are faster than this speed – but 11 mph is sufficient for long-distance running.


0 -12% incline. If you’re looking for a greater incline then, look into an incline trainer.

Heart Monitor 

  • It’s nice to see a treadmill offer both handgrip and telemetric heart rate monitors. I’m partial to telemetric heart rate monitors so I don’t need to maintain a grip on grip sensors for the duration of my workout.
  • Telemetric heart rate monitor is so you can hook up a chest strap heart rate monitor.

Pre-Set Workouts

15 – cardio, manual, running, fat burn, speed interval jogger, hill training, 5 K run with 12 intervals, and the following heart rate monitoring workouts:

  • fat burn; and
  • cardio.

Plus two custom workouts.

These are just the key features of the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill. Find out what else the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill offers, including benefits and shipping terms.

If you’re just starting your treadmill research, be sure to read other quality treadmill reviews before making your buying decision. Treadmills are a great investment, but it’s best to get the perfect treadmill for your needs. Not all treadmills are created equal.

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An Unpaid, Unbiased Review of the Bowflex Revolution – What Bowflex Doesn’t Tell You : Healthy diet.

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Feb 082011

I recently purchased Bowflex’s new entry to the home gym market – the Revolution.
Before I get started, I want to let you know that I am not a Bowflex employee – never have been. I am not being compensated for this article; I am just a fitness enthusiast that wanted to share my experience with you so you can make an intelligent buying decision when it comes to this unit.

I was disappointed that you couldn’t try the machine out before purchasing it – I bought a Smooth Fitness Elliptical machine that fell short of the mark about a year ago without having a chance to use it first, but that’s another article. I would strongly recommend that you use and get comfortable with any piece of exercise equipment before investing in it. In Bowflex’s case, that’s not possible – something the executives over there should seriously think about. Bowflex allows you to try the machine out for 6 weeks, but let’s be honest guys – the machine comes in five gigantic boxes. Re-boxing all of the equipment in the exact boxes that it came in and getting it ready to be shipped is going to be a painful, arduous task I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Before you make any buying decisions, I suggest you look online for nonbiased reviews like this one. Look for professional trainer’s opinions as well as amateurs like me. Here are a couple of points I thought you should know about before you decide to buy…

The Bowflex Revolution would be a good fit for you:

  • If you have a home office and or if you want convenience
  • If you dislike fighting the primetime crowds at the gym, which begin to amass at about 5:00 PM and go until about 7:30 PM
  • If you have ample room in your home
  • If you are an intermediate or advanced user – or you have a professional trainer get you started; I’ve been lifting weights for years and it took me a little time to get used to it
  • If you are either strong or don’t plan on moving the machine: this machine is heavy and it’s bulky. It does have a foldaway feature, but it does require a fair amount of strength. Moving and folding away the machine can be dangerous for most people, my suggestion to you is not to move it or fold it up unless necessary – even then, be careful.

  • PROS:

  • The overall range of motion was quite smooth, there was constant resistance throughout the exercise, for many of the exercises I found it to be comparable to professional gym equipment
  • Versatility – if you are an experienced weight trainer, the amount of exercises and variations is only limited to your imagination
  • Convenience – no, the Revolution can’t compete with going to the gym, but if this is what you’ve got to work with, it’s the next best thing
  • The machine makes little noise
  • Customer service was friendly and easy to reach
  • The plates are compact and extremely lightweight

  • CONS:

    • Bulky, heavy machine, don’t move it or lift it unless it’s necessary
    • Switching attachments and adding plates can be a little bit of a nuisance but you can get quicker with this over time. Don’t be fooled by the commercials and DVD, it’s not that easy to move from exercise to exercise – but you will get faster over time.
    • There is a learning curve with the exercises, have some patience when you first get the machine. It took me about 2-3 work outs before I started to feel comfortable and efficient
    • The markings on the plates should have been more obvious. The graphics look good on the plates but the numbers should have been larger so they are readable from a distance. Perhaps they might have color coded them.
    • I often had to check to see how much weight I had on each side of the machine – too bad there wasn’t a display on the front of the machine that told you how much resistance there was on each arm
    • Bowflex is slow in sending out the order, they indicated they would provide an email and a phone call when the unit shipped – they did neither in my case
    • Putting the Revolution took about 1.5 – 2 hours to do. It does require some ingenuity and elbow grease to get everything assembled. When I was done I needed a shower and a long break.
    • The bench has only 2 positions: incline and flat, no variations in between
    • Attaching the footplate leg press accessory is a pain in the rear. It’s bulky and it’s heavy. For some people, attaching the footplate can be dangerous.
    Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • Can the Bowflex compete with the machines found at your local fitness gym – no. But in all fairness, the Bowflex while a little bulky, doesn’t require 3500 square feet to be effective.
  • The Revolution is the best home exercise machine in it’s price range and size

  • Yes, knowing what I know now about the Revolution, I still would have purchased it. It was a pain in the butt to assemble, find room for and learn to use, but I think it’s a quality machine. There are certainly some drawbacks to the machine, but for under $3000 and still fitting in a normal size home – this was a good buy for the intermediate/advanced fitness enthusiast that either can’t get to the gym or wants to supplement his/his workouts. I hope this article has been helpful to you, best of luck in your decision.

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    Short Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill Review : Low calore.

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    Feb 062011

    If you’re a cardio maniac who likes to work out in the comfort of your own home, the Bowflex Seris 7 Treadmill is your ticket. The Series 7 packs a 3.0 horsepower motor and comes with 15 excellent workout programs to fit any kind of training regimen. Select from manual, cardio, running, fat burn, speed interval jogger, hill intervals, 5k run with 12 intervals, heart strength and recovery test, calorie goal, distance goal, fat burn heart rate calculation, cardio heart rate calculation, body mass index (BMI) test, and two custom programs than can be set by the user. The Series 7 offers a 0-12% incline range and can go speeds from.5 miles per hour up to 11, offering a wide range of options. Clearly, the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill offers enough of a variety to satisfy just about anyone.

    While it does require some assembly out of the box, it’s not difficult to set up and pack away for storage. The cooling fan also makes a big difference once you start to work up a sweat, and is one of the many great advantages of running, jogging, or walking indoors with a premier treadmill. Quick speed keys make it easy to change the belt speed or treadmill incline while you’re on the go, and two bottle holders are within easy reach so you can pack water or sports drinks and swig while you jog. With the Strike Zone cushioned deck, the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill does a good job of lowering the impact on your joints while you run.

    The wide variety of customizable programs, wide range of speed and incline options, portability, and comfort make the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill easy to recommend. The 3-speed cooling fan, however, really puts the icing on the cake. Being able to cool off, or drink some water from one of two cup holders, makes an enormous difference when you’re doing a tough workout. For some, it may even be the factor that lets them take their fitness to the next level. This machine is durable, heavyweight, and will last you a long time. The Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill is exercise at its very finest, and a great investment for anyone from power-walkers and newbies to marathon runners and exercise professionals. It’s affordable enough for your home gym, but is so packed with features it would fit in just as easily in fitness centers and private gyms.

    For more information, consumer reviews, and price comparison, may I recommend you read Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill. For a complete guide to running, running gear reviews, and run coaching, may I recommend the Running Guide.

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    Feb 052011

    Are you wondering whether or not you should have a Bowflex as part of your home gym equipment?This article will give you information about the good and bad about this piece of exercise equipment.

    The Bowflex is not intended to build up big muscles. Rather, it is intended to build tomes and lean muscles.

    It contains all the same exercise equipment you would find at a gym with 210 pounds of resistance. It is good for both men and women as resistance training to build bone density.

    The Bowflex doesnt have any weights to move on or off the bars, so there is no danger or dropping one on your feet by accident.

    Many people like the Bowflex because of its ability to fold up. It can be transported with you if you have to move and doesnt take up a lot of your baggage allowances. They also like the wide array of exercises they can get from one machine, giving them a total body workout.

    Those who have used the Bowflex say it is an excellent machine for the beginner, but not so for anyone who has experience at working out.

    They complain that this machine is not really good for a cardio workout. It doesnt have the rowing machine option and is not very good for anyone who is tall.

    On the other hand, there are good things about this exercise equipment such as the ease of use, but it does take a while to get used to all the bells and pulleys.

    Plus, there is the added comfort of using it at home. It does give a full body workout and comes with an instruction manual to show you all the different exercises you can do.

    Check out for articles on yoga exercise mats and olympic weight benches.

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    The Best Fat Burning Foods : Heart healthy diet.

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    Feb 052011

    Are there foods that can actually help your body burn body fat? Absolutely! In fact, it has been said that proper nutrition accounts for as much as 70 percent of your weight loss results, meaning that what you eat is twice as important as how much you exercise. This is not to say that exercise it not an important part of weight loss, after all, exercise not only helps burn fat and calories, but it also builds muscle – which burns even more fat

    What is the perfect fat burning food? We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, we need to debunk a couple of myths about fat burning foods.

    Negative Calorie Foods. First of all, that is a bit of a myth, as ALL foods contain some amount of calories. There are claims that certain foods require more calories to digest than they contain, but there is actually no scientific evidence to support this claim. You may have heard celery and grapefruit called out as negative calorie foods, but both are effective weight loss founds because they are low in calories and high in fiber, taking up space in the stomach that might otherwise be occupied by high calorie foods.

    Green Tea and Hot Peppers. On the other hand, green tea does have a slight thermogenic (fat burning) effect. Unfortunately, it is a very small effect. Drinking 3-4 cups of strong green tea will give you body a short-lived metabolic boost, but you will need to continue drinking tea throughout the day to sustain it, meaning that you can only expect to burn about 80 calories in any 24-hour period. Hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin that also triggers a slightly thermogenic boost, but the maximum tolerable dose only burns about 21 calories.

    Unless you plan on eating bushels of hot peppers while drinking gallons of green tea, it’s best to follow a more balanced fat burning diet.

    Real Foods That Burn Fat. The good news is, all food has some thermogenic effect, meaning that it takes calories to fuel the digestive process for every food we eat. But it is also true that it takes more calories to digest some foods than others. Fats, for example, are very dense in calories at 9 calories per fat gram (as compared to 4 calories per gram of protein or carbs), but fats require very little effort to digest. So you’re “getting” a lot of calories without “burning” very many calories.

    Conversely, lean protein (with the emphasis on lean), contributes only 4 calories per gram of protein, but it more difficult to digest. So eating a gram of protein has a much lower “net” caloric effect than does eating a gram of fat.

    As mentioned earlier, protein is also key to increasing muscle mass; since it takes more calories for our body to support one pound of muscle than it does one pound of fat, the more muscle you have, the more fat your body will naturally burn.

    So it can be said that protein is the perfect fat burning food. The average person needs about 50 grams of protein per day, and body builders will often consumer 2-3 times that amount. Just make sure to focus on low fat source of protein such as skinless chicken and turkey breasts, fish of all kinds, egg white, low fat dairy products, nuts and seeds. You can also use protein shakes as meal replacements, but be wary of any that contain more than 1 gram of sugar. Beans and legumes are also good sources of protein and should be included in a vegetarian diet.

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