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Jul 292011

Weider X-Factor Door Gym – $199.99

Weider X-Factor Door Gym

Well, let me start off by saying I bought this yesterday (Valentine’s Day) returned it today because I couldn’t find a door that would shut with the equipment installed. I’m disappointed because I think it would be a good exercise product & I was really looking forward to trying it out. I gave it 4 stars because of the price, quality & ease of installing/removing & storing it. I’d like to give it 3.5 stars though, b/c I couldn’t find a place to use it in my apartment. Also, shop around…. I bought mine at a local Dick’s store for $99.99 plus tax, didn’t have to wait (or pay) for delivery.


– Seemed well made for the price. (Didn’t get to use it, so don’t know about longevity, but nice out of the box)

– EXTREMELY easy to install. From the box to installed in 10 minutes. Very easy to put up, take down & store. (I easily moved it around to every door in my apartment trying to find a good place to use it)

– Small, light weight & portable.


– The brackets that go over the door are wide so they’ll fit over thick doors. They don’t fit thin doors very well.

– Instructions, which you don’t see until you buy it, recommend installing the X-Factor on the side of the door that closes against the door jamb (for example, most doors open into a room, so you would have to install it & exercise on the side of the door that’s in the hallway). The reason is to increase the strength of the door as you pull against it during exercise. They don’t come right out & say it, but this reduces the chance that your door could bust open & fling against you during your workout. Referring back to my example, if you’re exercising inside the room, the only thing holding the door shut is the door latch.

– There MUST be at least 1/8″ clearance between the top of the door & door frame (header). Same for the bottom of the door & the floor (sill). This is so the bracket can fit between the door & the frame/floor when you shut the door w/ the X-Factor installed. This is where I had problems and had to return it without any chance of using it. I found reviews on other websites (sorry, can’t recall where), that a few people had the same problem but didn’t give details, so I took my chances. One person said they trimmed the door shorter to fix the problem. I’m a renter, so that’s not an option. Another point to be aware of, if your doors are hollow core, not solid wood, trimming them shorter may reduce their strength, and when you start pulling on them w/ the X-Factor you may end up damaging your door & hurting yourself.

So, before you buy this, check your doors to make sure there’s enough clearance & that you can install it in a place where you’ll enjoy working out & be able to watch the videos too (back to my example… I don’t know anyone who has a t.v. & dvd player in their hall).

Also, Google around for other reviews. It seemed like there was a mix beginners & pros, and there was a variety of opinions. The pros felt it was a good “back-up”, but wouldn’t give up their pro equipment, and the beginners thought it was a good product to start with.

Not sure if this will add to your decision or not, or your opinion on my review… so here’s a little about me:

I’m a 34 yr old female. I work in an office all day, and am very disgusted w/ how out of shape I’ve become from sitting on my butt for up to 70 hrs a week. I want something that will exercise my whole body and can be used in short or long time frames for a good work out. I also want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space & is easy to move around as necessary, and, yah, doesn’t cost a fortune either. I really thought I struck gold w/ X-Factor. Bummer… the search continues.

Good luck in the frustrating quest to find exercise equipment that’s right for you!

More Details

  • Total-body training system that’s engineered to attach to any standard door
  • Unique design and progressive resistance exceeding 210 pounds promote explosive movements to build strength and add muscle mass
  • Includes two handles, two ankle straps, four connection clips, and resistance bands
  • Comes complete with exercise chart with over 50 body-sculpting exercises, three workout DVDs
  • And eight-week nutrition guide to help achieve desired results. Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

The Weider X-Factor is the total-body training system that attaches to any door. The unique design promotes explosive movements for a total-body workout. It’s engineered to fit in any standard door with progressive resistance exceeding 210 lbs.

Weider X-Factor Door Gym

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  1. I bought the Weider X-factor from a local store. I installed it a couple of weeks ago, and installed it two days ago. Immediately, the pulleys made a LOUD clacking noise. The bands also have unequal tension. I contacted Weider about the problems, and they said that there is nothing they can do for me. I stated that I had done some research about complaints, and that Weider changed the pulleys in some way to address the problem. They said yes they did, but that they wouldn’t replace my X-factor. Their web site clearly states that the X-factor has a lifetime warranty. Apparently not.

    You are taking a gamble when purchasing the X-factor. Don’t assume that Weider will stand behind their product. They won’t.

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